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Zwinger Bear-Acres (USA)

251 Hunde dieses Zwingers in unserer Datenbank
Abby Rose Barbi Dol15.11.2004H  
Ashadas All That Jazz28.05.2005R  
Bear-Acres Abegweit at Sailors Hope09.07.2016H  
Bear-Acres Aimin´ for The Stars13.06.2015R  
Bear-Acres Albert20.06.2003R  
Bear-Acres All Jazzed Up28.10.2005H
Bear-Acres All Terrain Hummer06.01.2011R  
Bear-Acres All That I Am04.10.2016H  
Bear-Acres All That Razzmatazz23.10.2010H  
Bear-Acres Always On My Mind08.10.2013H
Bear-Acres American Honey17.10.2012H  
Bear-Acres American Liberty22.05.2005H  
Bear-Acres Angel In Disguise 15.01.2011H  
Bear-Acres Annie24.10.2011H  
Bear-Acres Apollo12.04.2013R  
Bear-Acres Artemis The Healer17.10.2006H  
Bear-Acres at The Top of Raineer19.02.2007H  
Bear-Acres Audacity02.01.2015H  
Bear-Acres Augie Dawgie20.12.2009R  
Bear-Acres Auroras Braveheart27.01.2008R  
Bear-Acres Bad Black Bear Giva Damn26.11.2015R  
Bear-Acres Bailey Blue30.01.2010H  
Bear-Acres Baileys North Star05.05.2006H  
Bear-Acres Baron The Great Davies12.01.2009R  
Bear-Acres Bartholomew Bay06.06.1996R  
Bear-Acres Bella26.10.2001H  
Bear-Acres Bella II04.03.2006H  
Bear-Acres Bella Principessa29.01.2005R  
Bear-Acres Benjamin28.10.2005H  
Bear-Acres Bentley Cs Kelly02.08.2007R  
Bear-Acres Best Bet On Blueberryhill19.09.2012R  
Bear-Acres Big Black Bear Grizzly12.01.2009R  
Bear-Acres Big Ole Diesel04.03.2006R  
Bear-Acres Black Baron30.08.2000R  
Bear-Acres Black Satin Anna30.08.2000H  
Bear-Acres Blackberry Wine01.02.2005H
Bear-Acres Bo of Westport22.10.2000R  
Bear-Acres Boo Berry11.06.2008R  
Bear-Acres Boots Aplenty06.06.1996H  
Bear-Acres Born To Boogie11.06.2008R  
Bear-Acres Brunos Nautical And Nice28.02.2009R  
Bear-Acres Buford Wilhelmi15.06.2004R  
Bear-Acres California Dreaming23.10.2010R
Bear-Acres California Dreaming II14.07.2015H  
Bear-Acres Calli Labarge09.07.2016H  
Bear-Acres Captain Happy Parisi 28.02.2009R  
Bear-Acres Cast Away Cali01.02.2005H  
Bear-Acres Chases The Moon05.08.2010R  
Bear-Acres Cleopatra15.11.2004H  
Bear-Acres Contessa03.05.2006H
Bear-Acres Contessa of Rolling Fields12.04.2013H  
Bear-Acres Cotton Lane17.06.2016H  
Bear-Acres Cubby Bear24.10.2011H  
Bear-Acres Dagny15.01.2011H  
Bear-Acres Danger Zone26.11.2015R  
Bear-Acres Deja Vu19.02.2007H  
Bear-Acres Different Kind of Fine05.08.2010R  
Bear-Acres Doc Hollywood01.08.2010R  
Bear-Acres Dread Pirate Roberts-Bart17.10.2012R  
Bear-Acres Dryfus Cole24.10.2011R  
Bear-Acres Dunkin In The Honey03.05.2006R  
Bear-Acres Earthquake Toby03.08.2003R  
Bear-Acres Ebony And Ivory04.09.2013H  
Bear-Acres Ebony Emma09.07.2016H  
Bear-Acres Elizabeth Swann04.06.2008H  
Bear-Acres Ephriam08.11.1996R  
Bear-Acres Faith23.06.2003H  
Bear-Acres Finn02.08.2007R  
Bear-Acres Gander13.06.2015R  
Bear-Acres Gator30.08.2000R  
Bear-Acres Gentle Ben06.06.1996R  
Bear-Acres George Harrison17.06.2016R  
Bear-Acres Georgie Diggingbear 12.04.2013H  
Bear-Acres Gertie Girl21.07.2009H  
Bear-Acres Ginger Noel Star So Bright03.10.2013H  
Bear-Acres Girl In A Country Song at Belle Harbour09.07.2016H  
Bear-Acres Godzilla30.08.2000R  
Bear-Acres Gorgeous Gertrude12.01.2009H  
Bear-Acres Gracie08.11.1996H  
Bear-Acres Gracin Our Presence04.03.2006H  
Bear-Acres Great Buddy29.01.2005R  
Bear-Acres Grizzly22.05.2005R  
Bear-Acres Gus15.12.2008R  
Bear-Acres Gypsy Rain of Dutchess01.11.2011H  
Bear-Acres Habie Jennings10.03.2002H  
Bear-Acres Hanz13.06.2015R  
Bear-Acres Happy-Nellie17.06.2016H  
Bear-Acres Harry27.05.2002R  
Bear-Acres Heidi Oliver15.11.2004H  
Bear-Acres Here Comes The Boss17.10.2006R
Bear-Acres How Do You Like Me Now20.12.2009R
Bear-Acres How Will I Know19.09.2016H  
Bear-Acres I Don´t Give A Damn About My Bad Reputation05.08.2010R
Bear-Acres I Vee So Special17.10.2006H
Bear-Acres I Wanna Dance With Somebody26.11.2015H  
Bear-Acres II29.01.2005R  
Bear-Acres II30.01.2010H  
Bear-Acres III03.09.2010H  
Bear-Acres Indi-Un12.01.2009R  
Bear-Acres Is It Annie Wonder15.01.2011H  
Bear-Acres It Matters To Me05.08.2010H
Bear-Acres It´s 5 O´Clock Somewhere12.04.2013R
Bear-Acres It´s Me Abby07.01.2010H  
Bear-Acres IV23.10.2010R
Bear-Acres I´m Back Baxter07.01.2010R  
Bear-Acres I´m In The Bigshow27.01.2008R  
Bear-Acres J Tiberius K Jones 04.07.2009R  
Bear-Acres Jacobs Shadow29.10.2005R  
Bear-Acres Java15.11.2004H  
Bear-Acres Jonahlomu12.01.2009R  
Bear-Acres Just A Dreamer04.06.2008R  
Bear-Acres Kaia at High Hopes03.05.2006H  
Bear-Acres King Arthur04.03.2006R  
Bear-Acres Kinsman Redeemer Boaz11.02.2008R  
Bear-Acres Kirby26.11.2015R  
Bear-Acres Lady Josephine19.11.1995H  
Bear-Acres Lady Kannapolis26.10.2001H  
Bear-Acres Lady Madison11.12.1998H  
Bear-Acres Lady Pettit11.02.2008H  
Bear-Acres Lilly20.12.2009H  
Bear-Acres Lily Belle03.08.2003H  
Bear-Acres Logan Xavier Crooks04.10.2016R  
Bear-Acres Lord Nelson08.04.2013R  
Bear-Acres Louis The First03.09.2010R  
Bear-Acres Lyndie19.11.1995H  
Bear-Acres Madison Violet I´M Your Lady 03.10.2013H  
Bear-Acres Maggie Mae30.08.2000H  
Bear-Acres Make Me Believe01.08.2010H  
Bear-Acres Margot Beckman26.11.2015H  
Bear-Acres Marina By The Bay28.11.2008H  
Bear-Acres Marley Clark26.10.2001R  
Bear-Acres Master of Ceremonies at Belle Harbour23.01.2015R
Bear-Acres Merry Maggie26.10.2001H  
Bear-Acres Miss Sweet Brandy12.04.2013H  
Bear-Acres Miss Yona20.06.2003H  
Bear-Acres Mobie23.06.2003R  
Bear-Acres Montana Wild Hat03.05.2006H  
Bear-Acres Moose Lee24.10.2011R  
Bear-Acres Moxie26.10.2001H  
Bear-Acres Murphy-Ward-Fifth-Gen12.01.2009H  
Bear-Acres My Giva Damns Busted12.04.2013H
Bear-Acres My Sweet Lord Stanley17.06.2016R  
Bear-Acres Mystic Lilly25.02.2004H  
Bear-Acres Mystic Warrior10.03.2002R  
Bear-Acres Ned 19.09.2012R  
Bear-Acres Nedra08.11.1996H  
Bear-Acres Never Say Never Bentley28.11.2008R  
Bear-Acres Nickleplate07.01.2010H
Bear-Acres Noahs Bella Nina04.06.2008H  
Bear-Acres Noche04.03.2006H  
Bear-Acres North Captiva26.10.2001H  
Bear-Acres Northwoods Ziva La Diva12.01.2009H
Bear-Acres Now You´re Talkin´08.04.2013R
Bear-Acres Oceanviews Sweet Marina04.03.2006H  
Bear-Acres Odin14.07.2015R  
Bear-Acres of Shamrock Fields And Ivory Magnolias15.12.2008H  
Bear-Acres Ole Gal Sal22.10.2000H
Bear-Acres Ole Susanna22.10.2000H  
Bear-Acres Olivers Song15.01.2011R  
Bear-Acres Omar El Oso30.01.2010R  
Bear-Acres Oreo20.06.2003H
Bear-Acres Paws On Westler02.01.2015R  
Bear-Acres Piece of My Heart at Belle Harbour14.07.2015H  
Bear-Acres Pilot In Command12.01.2009R  
Bear-Acres Pooh Bear22.10.2000H  
Bear-Acres Precious11.12.1998H  
Bear-Acres Precious Smutt10.03.2002H  
Bear-Acres Precious Star05.05.2006H  
Bear-Acres Princess Isabella28.11.2008H  
Bear-Acres Princess Jasmine13.06.2015H  
Bear-Acres Princess Peyton Marie12.04.2013H  
Bear-Acres Queen Alexandria19.11.1995H  
Bear-Acres Ramblin Man21.07.2009R  
Bear-Acres Ravens House of Night12.04.2013H  
Bear-Acres Ray of Sunshine11.04.2005H  
Bear-Acres Ready Set Roll14.07.2015R  
Bear-Acres Ready To Roll23.03.2012R  
Bear-Acres Reba08.11.1996H  
Bear-Acres Red Dirt Girl03.09.2010H  
Bear-Acres Reflection of Hope17.10.2006H
Bear-Acres Rhythm And Blues 15.01.2011R
Bear-Acres Ricky Rhino06.06.1996R  
Bear-Acres Rico03.08.2003R  
Bear-Acres Right On The Money 01.11.2011H
Bear-Acres Rock24.10.2011R  
Bear-Acres Rumor Has It05.08.2010H  
Bear-Acres Rumor Has It II17.06.2016H  
Bear-Acres Sable Behemoth30.08.2000H  
Bear-Acres Sabrina29.10.2005H  
Bear-Acres Sadie15.12.2008H  
Bear-Acres Samuel Harley27.05.2002R  
Bear-Acres Seamus McGuinness03.05.2006R  
Bear-Acres Shanawpithit03.08.2003H  
Bear-Acres Should Have Said No03.09.2010H  
Bear-Acres Simba04.03.2006R  
Bear-Acres Simon Sez02.01.2015R  
Bear-Acres Sir Charles05.05.2006R  
Bear-Acres Sir Theodore Bear11.02.2008R  
Bear-Acres Skip Jordanmiles30.08.2000R  
Bear-Acres Skip To My Lulu17.10.2012H  
Bear-Acres Snuffles of The Upagus30.01.2010H  
Bear-Acres Sophie of Century Farms07.01.2010H  
Bear-Acres Stella Blue Jodee Jett26.11.2015H  
Bear-Acres Stella Rae Sirabi Bear Pierson 15.01.2011H  
Bear-Acres Stellular Star19.11.1995H  
Bear-Acres Stones Throw Farms Griswold12.04.2013R  
Bear-Acres Stonewall Jackson28.11.2008R  
Bear-Acres Suds In The Bucket15.12.2008H  
Bear-Acres Sugar Bear28.05.2005R  
Bear-Acres Surfing June Love Bug04.06.2008H  
Bear-Acres Tabasco Hot Annie18.02.2005H  
Bear-Acres Take Me As I Am14.07.2015H  
Bear-Acres Tank07.01.2010R  
Bear-Acres Tell Me Why19.09.2016H  
Bear-Acres Thankful for Mighty Magellan26.11.2015R  
Bear-Acres The Mountain That Rides22.10.2016R  
Bear-Acres Tinkerbella04.03.2006H  
Bear-Acres Trevor30.08.2000R  
Bear-Acres Tylers Clem23.06.2003R  
Bear-Acres Unanswered Prayers08.10.2013H
Bear-Acres Virginia25.02.2004H  
Bear-Acres Wendy03.08.2003H
Bear-Acres What Was I Thinkin´24.10.2011R  
Bear-Acres Why Didn´t I Think of That09.07.2016R  
Bear-Acres Willow Weep for Me 15.01.2011H  
Bear-Acres Winifred The Loyal28.05.2005H  
Bear-Acres Yogi21.07.2009R  
Bear-Acres Yogi Baloo17.06.2016R  
Bear-Acres Zeus22.05.2005R  
Bearbrooks Lady Annabelle09.07.2006H  
Beaufort T. Bear01.11.2011H  
Belle Harbours Who Ya Gonna Call08.04.2013H  
Blueberryhill Simply Stella22.05.2005H  
Chewy II03.10.2013R  
Dyers Socrates Bear11.04.2005R  
Finn V22.10.2016R  
Harley Tinkerbelle30.01.2010R  
Kodiak Bear Carter II11.12.1998R  
Kountrys Southern Belle Georjous-Girl11.04.2005H  
Lucy Bear Acres28.05.2005H  
Moxie IV12.04.2013H  
Otis II03.05.2006R  
Rumble Buffin11.04.2005H  
Saint John01.11.2011R  
Sweet Sofie of Almaden24.10.2011H  
Triple O Farm Odin-Thor 15.01.2011R  
Triple O Farm Thor02.08.2007R  
Weezy F. Bear02.01.2015H  

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