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Zwinger Cayuga (I)

559 Hunde dieses Zwingers in unserer Datenbank
Blowin´ In The Wind09.05.1985H  
Bonavista Bop Doo Wop09.05.1985H  
Boomboom Mancini09.05.1985R  
Bucaneer of St. John09.05.1985R  
Butch Cassidy of Bonavista09.05.1985R  
Cayuga Acchippanuvole of Bonavista22.02.1991R
Cayuga After While of Bonavista03.01.2012R  
Cayuga Against The Grain of Bonaventura03.01.2012H  
Cayuga Against The Sunset22.02.1991R  
Cayuga Air America22.02.1991R  
Cayuga Alexandra at Kimtale22.02.1991H  
Cayuga All You Need Is Love of Bonaventura27.09.2000H  
Cayuga Almighty of Bonavista28.04.1995R  
Cayuga American Wonderfull Dream of Bonavista27.09.2000R  
Cayuga And The Beat Goes On of Bonaventura03.01.2012H  
Cayuga Anne Dakley22.02.1991H  
Cayuga Antigravity Hot Lips of Bonaventura22.02.1991H  
Cayuga Apache Rose28.04.1995H  
Cayuga Art of Making Art28.04.1995H  
Cayuga ASAP of Bonaventura03.01.2012R  
Cayuga at The End of The Rainbow of Bonavista28.04.1995H  
Cayuga Atlantis22.02.1991R  
Cayuga Bandleader of Bonaventura13.01.2001R  
Cayuga Be All of Goldbear13.01.2001H
Cayuga Believes In Angels of Bonaventura28.01.2012H  
Cayuga Big Brother of Bonavista13.01.2001R  
Cayuga Bighearted23.06.1995R  
Cayuga Billiejo of Bonavista14.09.1991H  
Cayuga Blizzard of Bonaventura28.01.2012R  
Cayuga Bluechip of Bonaventura13.01.2001H  
Cayuga Bobbiegirl of Bonaventura14.09.1991H  
Cayuga Bonavista Catch The Rising Star16.01.1985R  
Cayuga Bumble23.06.1995R  
Cayuga Burian of Bonaventura28.01.2012R  
Cayuga California Dreaming16.01.1985H  
Cayuga Call Me Valentino12.01.2013R  
Cayuga Can´t Buy My Love03.11.1991H  
Cayuga Captain Cook03.11.1991R  
Cayuga Casanova of Bonaventura12.01.2013R
Cayuga Cassidy Butch And The Sundance Kid17.12.1995R  
Cayuga Charging Bear16.01.1985R  
Cayuga Charme of Black Bear Spirit10.10.2001R  
Cayuga Cheesecake Factory of Corals Cape12.01.2013H  
Cayuga Chenoa10.10.2001H  
Cayuga Cherokee Chief of Bonaventura10.10.2001R  
Cayuga Cheyenne at Robber Baron17.12.1995H
Cayuga Cheyman10.10.2001R  
Cayuga Chindambar10.10.2001R  
Cayuga Chinook at Big Maple10.10.2001H  
Cayuga Chuck Berry03.11.1991R  
Cayuga Cimarron of Bonaventura10.10.2001H
Cayuga Circusplume16.01.1985H  
Cayuga Classic Beauty12.01.2013H  
Cayuga Close Encounter12.01.2013R  
Cayuga Clubberlang16.01.1985R  
Cayuga Cochise of Bonavista17.12.1995R  
Cayuga Cocke And Snow16.01.1985H  
Cayuga Coffey Until The End of The World10.10.2001R  
Cayuga Comanche of Bonavista10.10.2001R  
Cayuga Come Shine03.11.1991H  
Cayuga Come To Me at Mississippi-Missouri12.01.2013H  
Cayuga Coming Soon10.10.2001H  
Cayuga Conan The Barian16.01.1985R  
Cayuga Conquistador for Potap10.10.2001R
Cayuga Cotton Club16.01.1985H  
Cayuga Countrygirl Lara17.12.1995H  
Cayuga Covergirl of Bonavista17.12.1995H
Cayuga Cowboys Dream at Hollibrooke17.12.1995H  
Cayuga Crazy Horse16.01.1985R  
Cayuga Curry In A Hurry of Bonaventura12.01.2013H  
Cayuga Daniel Boone of Bonavista02.10.1985R  
Cayuga Dannyboy13.01.1996R  
Cayuga Darlan These A Man15.03.1992R  
Cayuga Days of Thunder29.04.2002R  
Cayuga Dee Dee Bridgewater15.03.1992H  
Cayuga Dempsey15.03.1992R  
Cayuga Dennis The Man Ace at Karazan13.01.1996R  
Cayuga Dick The Danger13.01.1996R  
Cayuga Don Juan13.01.1996R
Cayuga Donking15.03.1992R  
Cayuga Don´t Make Waves15.03.1992H  
Cayuga Don´t Make Waves of Bonaventura29.04.2002H  
Cayuga Don´t Worry Be Happy of Bonavista15.03.1992R  
Cayuga Dov of Tarbell29.04.2002R  
Cayuga Dreamwaver29.04.2002H  
Cayuga Drop The Boy of Bonaventura13.01.1996H  
Cayuga Drucilla Black Star13.01.1996H  
Cayuga Dungree of Bonavista15.03.1992R  
Cayuga Eagle Creek22.12.2002R  
Cayuga Earl of Windsor21.03.1991R  
Cayuga Easy Going of Bonavista30.01.1996H  
Cayuga Eddy Eclipse Black30.01.1996R
Cayuga Edone22.12.2002H  
Cayuga Edwuardo for Merrybear30.01.1996R
Cayuga El Matador of Bonavista02.09.2013R  
Cayuga Elina22.12.2002H  
Cayuga Eliott Drake22.12.2002R  
Cayuga Ella Fitzgerald21.03.1992H  
Cayuga Elle of Bonaventura22.12.2002H  
Cayuga Ellie May at Karazan30.01.1996H  
Cayuga Emergency Brakes of Bonaventura30.01.1996H  
Cayuga Emily Bronte02.04.1986H  
Cayuga Emotional Rescue02.04.1986H  
Cayuga Emperor of The Sun of Bonaventura02.09.2013R  
Cayuga Enterprise of Bonavista21.03.1992H  
Cayuga Equalm02.04.1986R  
Cayuga Eugene22.12.2002R  
Cayuga Excalibur21.03.1992R  
Cayuga Extra Large of Bonavista02.04.1986R  
Cayuga Fair Play05.09.2013R  
Cayuga Fairest of Them All of Bonaventura05.09.2013H  
Cayuga Fairy Tale05.09.2013H  
Cayuga Famen Fortune of Italy12.07.1986R  
Cayuga Fanatic of Thesea24.05.1992R  
Cayuga Fancy Sarah03.02.1996H  
Cayuga Far Above of Bonaventura23.12.2002H  
Cayuga Far Horizon of Bonavista03.02.1996H  
Cayuga Fastayou03.02.1996H  
Cayuga Fats Domino24.05.1992R  
Cayuga Fearnaught of Bonavista12.07.1986R  
Cayuga Finally You05.09.2013R  
Cayuga Finders Keepers05.09.2013R  
Cayuga First Kiss05.09.2013H  
Cayuga Fitzgerald of Bonavista24.05.1992R  
Cayuga Flies To Islands Prince05.09.2013R  
Cayuga Fly Me To The Moon03.02.1996H  
Cayuga Flying High05.09.2013H  
Cayuga Follow Me24.05.1992R  
Cayuga Follow Me Boys05.09.2013H  
Cayuga Following The Buffalo Run12.07.1986R  
Cayuga for Your Eyes Only of Bonaventura03.02.1996H  
Cayuga Four Wheel Drive24.05.1992H  
Cayuga Frankie Avalon24.05.1992H  
Cayuga Frankie Goes To Hollywood03.02.1996R  
Cayuga Franny Fine23.12.2002H  
Cayuga Front Page News at Seabrook05.09.2013H  
Cayuga Full of Steam of Bonavista12.07.1986H  
Cayuga Futura of Bonavista12.07.1986H  
Cayuga Gate Way To The West24.07.1986H  
Cayuga Gear Up of Bonaventura17.02.2003R  
Cayuga Generation X04.10.2014R  
Cayuga George Ferrari15.02.1996R  
Cayuga Georgia On My Mind24.07.1986H  
Cayuga Geronimo of Bonaventura15.02.1996R  
Cayuga Get A Head of Bonaventura17.02.2003H
Cayuga Get Away at Hollibrooke15.02.1996R
Cayuga Get Ready15.02.1996R  
Cayuga Get Serious24.07.1986H  
Cayuga Gincotton24.07.1986H  
Cayuga Giovanni for Merrybear15.02.1996R
Cayuga Globetrotter30.05.1992R  
Cayuga Go Ahead of Bonaventura15.02.1996H  
Cayuga Go Johnny Go of Bonavista15.02.1996R  
Cayuga Going North of Bonavista04.10.2014R  
Cayuga Golden Girl of Bonaventura04.10.2014H  
Cayuga Goon30.05.1992H  
Cayuga Great Otto15.02.1996R  
Cayuga Grizzly of Moose Jaw24.07.1986R  
Cayuga Guardian Angel04.10.2014H  
Cayuga Hammer Time04.10.2014H  
Cayuga Happily Ever After04.10.2014H  
Cayuga Happy Go Lucky04.10.2014H  
Cayuga Harlem Shuttle08.11.1986H  
Cayuga Hasta La Vista Baby04.10.2014R  
Cayuga Haylaema of Bonavista15.08.1996H  
Cayuga Head Over Heels04.10.2014H  
Cayuga Heart And Soul04.10.2014H  
Cayuga Heartbreaker of Bonavista04.10.2014R  
Cayuga Herkules at Qliz07.11.2003R  
Cayuga Hermitage04.10.2014R  
Cayuga Hero of All of Bonaventura07.11.2003R
Cayuga Hey Jude08.11.1986H  
Cayuga He´s Best In White And Black10.07.1992R  
Cayuga High Wind16.02.1996H  
Cayuga Hogan10.07.1992R  
Cayuga Hoist The Flag10.07.1992H  
Cayuga Hold The Line of Bonavista16.02.1996R  
Cayuga Holger Danske08.11.1986R  
Cayuga Homecoming Queen07.11.2003H
Cayuga Honeyboy Ramirez08.11.1986R  
Cayuga Hopkins16.02.1996R  
Cayuga Hot Off The Press04.10.2014H
Cayuga Hot Stuff of Bonavista04.10.2014H  
Cayuga Houdini08.11.1986H  
Cayuga Hugs And Kisses of Bonaventura04.10.2014H  
Cayuga Hurrican Carter of Bonavista07.11.2003R  
Cayuga Hurrycane08.11.1986H
Cayuga I Have Faith of Bonaventura14.02.2015H  
Cayuga Icebreaker of Topmast04.12.1986R
Cayuga Ike for President24.09.1992R  
Cayuga Ike Marshall of Bonaventura28.11.1996R
Cayuga Impudence And Dignity24.09.1992R  
Cayuga In The Mood of Bonaventura28.11.1996H
Cayuga Indian Summer Sky06.04.2004H  
Cayuga Inner Smile06.04.2004H  
Cayuga International Affair06.04.2004H  
Cayuga Interstate One04.12.1986R  
Cayuga Inwholise28.11.1996H  
Cayuga Iron Maiden of Bonavista24.09.1992R  
Cayuga Ironhearted of Bonavista28.11.1996R  
Cayuga Ironman Tyson of Bonaventura04.12.1986R
Cayuga Irresistible Smile of Sanssouci06.04.2004H  
Cayuga Irresistible Touch06.04.2004H  
Cayuga Is Better of Bonaventura28.11.1996H  
Cayuga Isabella of Bonavista04.12.1986H  
Cayuga Islander28.11.1996R  
Cayuga Italian Connection at Oukaya Forever06.04.2004H  
Cayuga It´s A Wild World of Bonaventura06.04.2004H  
Cayuga It´s Love06.04.2004H  
Cayuga It´s Not Rocket Science of Bonavista14.02.2015R  
Cayuga I´m A Gentlemans Daughter28.11.1996H  
Cayuga I´m Caracciolo06.04.2004R  
Cayuga I´m Fiodor06.04.2004R  
Cayuga I´m Juliet of Bonaventura04.12.1986H
Cayuga I´m Lord Gordon Byron06.04.2004R  
Cayuga Jack And The Beanstock03.01.1997R  
Cayuga Jack Dempsey03.12.1992R  
Cayuga Jacknife03.12.1992R  
Cayuga Jackpot09.04.2004R
Cayuga Jaimelee of Bonaventura09.04.2004H  
Cayuga Jamielesalvadonica03.01.1997H
Cayuga Jamsession of Bonaventura25.06.1987H  
Cayuga Jaw Dropping Beauty of Bonaventura16.03.2015H  
Cayuga Jazz King16.03.2015R  
Cayuga Jazz of Pouch Cove01.01.1988H  
Cayuga Je l´Aime09.04.2004H  
Cayuga Jean Harlow03.01.1997H  
Cayuga Jelly Belly of Bonavista16.03.2015H  
Cayuga Jerry Lewis03.01.1997R  
Cayuga Jet Setter of Bonaventura16.03.2015R  
Cayuga Jezebel09.04.2004H  
Cayuga Jim Dandy25.06.1987R  
Cayuga Johnny Be Good of Bonavista03.01.1997R  
Cayuga Johnny Be Good of Bonavista03.12.1992R  
Cayuga Johnny Tun´estpasunange09.04.2004R  
Cayuga Jolly Roger of Bonaventura25.06.1987R  
Cayuga Jonathan Brother25.06.1987R  
Cayuga Journey To Joy03.01.1997H  
Cayuga Julie Just Care for Me03.12.1992H  
Cayuga Jumanji of Bonaventura16.03.2015R  
Cayuga Juneblossom for Ursula25.06.1987H  
Cayuga Just Back from Hollywood at Cancrimo16.03.2015R  
Cayuga Just Be Lucky of Bonavista03.01.1997H
Cayuga Just Can´t Get Enough16.03.2015R
Cayuga Just for Fun03.12.1992R  
Cayuga Just One Kiss09.04.2004H  
Cayuga Keep On Cruisin´ of Bonaventura17.05.2004R  
Cayuga Keep The Faith17.05.2004R  
Cayuga Keep The Secret of Bonaventura12.04.1997H  
Cayuga Keep The Wind of Bonavista12.04.1997H  
Cayuga Keepsake at It´s Bliss12.04.1997H  
Cayuga Keepsake of Elisa17.05.2004H  
Cayuga Kennedy Aircraft Carrier08.01.1987R  
Cayuga Key for Fame17.05.2004H  
Cayuga Key West17.05.2004R  
Cayuga Key West08.01.1987R  
Cayuga KGB Valentine of Bonaventura14.02.1993H  
Cayuga Kind Regards from Bonavista08.01.1987R  
Cayuga King of Hearts at Sandbears17.05.2004R  
Cayuga Kingofarms08.01.1987R  
Cayuga Kingsize of Bonavista08.01.1987R  
Cayuga Kintome12.04.1997R  
Cayuga Kiss And Fly of Bonaventura17.05.2004H  
Cayuga Kiss Me Quick12.04.1997H  
Cayuga Kiss Me Quick08.01.1987H  
Cayuga Kissing All Angels of Bonaventura17.05.2004H  
Cayuga Knight of Bonaventura08.01.1987R  
Cayuga Knight of The Round Table12.04.1997R  
Cayuga Kodiak of Alaska08.01.1987R  
Cayuga Kojak Topflat08.01.1987R  
Cayuga Krings Phantom of Bonavista12.04.1997R  
Cayuga La Mer of Bonaventura09.03.2005H  
Cayuga Lady Starlight for Magic Stars09.03.2005H  
Cayuga Land Lubber09.03.2005R  
Cayuga Landsend of Bonavista14.09.1993H  
Cayuga Laser14.09.1993R  
Cayuga Leonard Vinci11.12.1987R  
Cayuga Leroy On The Move of Bonavista14.09.1993R  
Cayuga Licorice Night11.12.1987H  
Cayuga Lidorice14.09.1993H  
Cayuga Lionheart of Bonavista11.12.1987R  
Cayuga Lokomotive11.12.1987R  
Cayuga Lothar11.12.1987R  
Cayuga Love Me Tender11.12.1987H  
Cayuga Luck Charm of Bonaventura11.12.1987H  
Cayuga Lucky Strike of Bonavista14.09.1993R  
Cayuga Mai of The Mist08.01.1988H  
Cayuga Malafemmina08.01.1988H  
Cayuga Maverick16.04.2005R  
Cayuga Maverick of Bonavista25.09.1993R  
Cayuga Maya16.04.2005H  
Cayuga Mescalero16.04.2005R
Cayuga Molly Malone of Bonaventura16.04.2005H  
Cayuga More Than Words16.04.2005R  
Cayuga Morning Flight at Rose Wanted16.04.2005H
Cayuga Name The Game11.11.2005R  
Cayuga Nanook21.01.1998R  
Cayuga Nationalampoons04.09.1988H  
Cayuga Naughty Man21.10.1993R  
Cayuga Navi Cut of Bonavista04.09.1988R  
Cayuga Navigator21.01.1998R  
Cayuga Navy Cut21.01.1998R  
Cayuga Nectanibis Pharaoh21.01.1998H
Cayuga Nelson21.01.1998R  
Cayuga Nevada21.01.1998R  
Cayuga Never Say Never Again21.10.1993H  
Cayuga Never Say Not of Twillin Gate21.01.1998H  
Cayuga New Ambroeus21.10.1993R  
Cayuga New York New York04.09.1988H  
Cayuga Nic Serenade of Bonavista04.09.1988H  
Cayuga Nickit04.09.1988H  
Cayuga Night And Day04.09.1988H  
Cayuga Night Belongs To Lovers11.11.2005H  
Cayuga Nighthawk04.09.1988R  
Cayuga Nightingale21.10.1993H  
Cayuga Nightwarrior of Bonaventura04.09.1988R  
Cayuga Nimitz of Bonaventura04.09.1988R  
Cayuga Nitro21.01.1998H  
Cayuga Nitro of Bonavista21.10.1993R  
Cayuga No Cause of Bonaventura21.01.1998H  
Cayuga Nolimits of Bonaventura21.10.1993H  
Cayuga Non Stop Flight11.11.2005R  
Cayuga Noties04.09.1988R  
Cayuga NYC Serenade04.09.1988H  
Cayuga Oceana01.11.1993H  
Cayuga Ojopponent25.04.1998R  
Cayuga Olman River of Bonavista04.09.1988R  
Cayuga On Demand of Bonaventura14.10.2006R  
Cayuga On The Dancefloor of Missisagua25.04.1998H  
Cayuga Once And for All of Bonaventura04.09.1988H  
Cayuga One Like Noone of Bonaventura14.10.2006H  
Cayuga One Man Band01.11.1993R  
Cayuga One of A Kind of Bonavista14.10.2006R  
Cayuga Only for Deejay04.09.1988H  
Cayuga Opera Omnia of Bonaventura25.04.1998H  
Cayuga Our Dorothy25.04.1998H
Cayuga Our Jubilee25.04.1998H  
Cayuga Outpost of Bonavista25.04.1998R  
Cayuga Over The Top04.09.1988R  
Cayuga Over Voltage04.09.1988H  
Cayuga O´Hara25.04.1998H  
Cayuga P. O. Box at Goldbear24.03.2007H  
Cayuga Paganini of Bonaventura11.06.1989R  
Cayuga Paint It Black of Bonavista10.11.1993H  
Cayuga Park Avenue11.06.1989H  
Cayuga Pas de Deux10.11.1993H  
Cayuga Password at Rose Wanted24.03.2007H  
Cayuga Password To Pouch Cove21.12.1998H  
Cayuga Pat Gerrett11.06.1989R  
Cayuga Pathfinder of Bonaventura21.12.1998R  
Cayuga Pawnee Bill10.11.1993R  
Cayuga Penny Bee at Erborata10.11.1993H  
Cayuga Penny Do It Too10.11.1993H  
Cayuga Pennylane of Bonavista11.06.1989H
Cayuga Playmate11.06.1989H  
Cayuga Please Don´t Got10.11.1993H  
Cayuga Plenty Coups at Owasco21.12.1998R  
Cayuga Plutoniumtheft11.06.1989H  
Cayuga Point Blank at Hollibrooke10.11.1993R  
Cayuga Pointblank11.06.1989H  
Cayuga Pointing The Win of Bonaventura10.11.1993H  
Cayuga Polarbear21.12.1998R  
Cayuga Poleposition11.06.1989H  
Cayuga Pony Express10.11.1993H  
Cayuga Pony Express11.06.1989H  
Cayuga Pop Art On of Bonaventura24.03.2007H  
Cayuga Powder Keg of Bonaventura21.12.1998H
Cayuga Prima Vera for Merrybear21.12.1998H  
Cayuga Prince of Tides of Bonavista21.12.1998R  
Cayuga Put Your Lights On of Bonaventura24.03.2007R  
Cayuga Quantum Leap of Bonaventura01.02.1999H  
Cayuga Quarter Master04.05.1994R  
Cayuga Quarterback04.05.1994R  
Cayuga Quasar30.12.1989R  
Cayuga Queeny In Mind04.05.1994H  
Cayuga Quentin04.05.1994R  
Cayuga Quick Reply of Bonaventura04.05.1994H  
Cayuga Quincy Jones30.12.1989R  
Cayuga Quochise15.03.2007R  
Cayuga Quoderat Demonstrandum of Bonaventura01.02.1999R  
Cayuga Radiant Morning28.12.1998H  
Cayuga Rain In The Face13.05.2007H  
Cayuga Range of Saint John02.06.1994H  
Cayuga Ray Sugar Robinson of Bonaventura30.08.1989R  
Cayuga Raymond Chandler30.08.1989R  
Cayuga Really A Pretty Girl of Bonavista28.12.1998H  
Cayuga Reap The Wild Wind30.08.1989H  
Cayuga Reloaded13.05.2007R  
Cayuga Reminder of Bonaventura28.12.1998H  
Cayuga Revolution13.05.2007H  
Cayuga Rich Tequila28.12.1998H  
Cayuga Riptide of Bearbrook30.08.1989R  
Cayuga Risky Business30.08.1989R  
Cayuga Rita Hayworth02.06.1994H  
Cayuga Rockstar of Bonavista02.06.1994H  
Cayuga Rocky Graziano02.06.1994R  
Cayuga Rocky Graziano of Bonaventura28.12.1998R
Cayuga Rough Hewn30.08.1989R  
Cayuga Roy Bean The Judge30.08.1989R  
Cayuga Roy Rogers30.08.1989R  
Cayuga Roy Rogers02.06.1994R  
Cayuga Royal National Lifeboat02.06.1994H  
Cayuga Ruby Tuesday of Bonaventura02.06.1994H  
Cayuga Rudyard02.06.1994R  
Cayuga Sailor Man05.06.1994R  
Cayuga Satchmo05.06.1994R  
Cayuga Seize The Days01.07.2007H  
Cayuga Shading Bear of Bonaventura23.10.1989H  
Cayuga Shenandoah23.10.1989R  
Cayuga Shenandoah05.06.1994R  
Cayuga Silvercreek05.06.1994R  
Cayuga Simply Irresistible27.05.1999H  
Cayuga Sissi at Miramar Bonavista05.06.1994H  
Cayuga Slam Dunk at Sandbears01.07.2007H  
Cayuga Snowflake05.06.1994H  
Cayuga Space Cowboy01.07.2007R  
Cayuga Sparkling Wind23.10.1989H  
Cayuga Spartivento of Bonaventura01.07.2007H  
Cayuga Stand By Me01.07.2007H  
Cayuga Stand By Me of Bonaventura27.05.1999H  
Cayuga Star Fighter23.10.1989R  
Cayuga Stars And Stripes05.06.1994H  
Cayuga Stormy Weather of Bonavista23.10.1989H  
Cayuga Straight To The Target of Bonaventura05.06.1994H  
Cayuga Strawberry Fields Forever23.10.1989H  
Cayuga Stuff Happens01.07.2007H  
Cayuga Summertime05.06.1994H  
Cayuga Sundance Kid23.10.1989R  
Cayuga Take It To The Top at Seabrook27.08.1999H  
Cayuga Taken O´Prisoners of Bonaventura27.08.1999H  
Cayuga Tara of Bonaventura08.08.1994H  
Cayuga Tarzan11.04.1990R  
Cayuga That´s Not Here30.10.2007R  
Cayuga The Cherry Pie of Bonaventura11.04.1990H  
Cayuga The Locomotion of Bonaventura30.10.2007H  
Cayuga The Real Mac Coy of Bonavista11.04.1990R  
Cayuga Think Different of Bonavista30.10.2007H  
Cayuga Ticonoeroga11.04.1990H  
Cayuga Tina Turner11.04.1990H  
Cayuga Tony TNT Tucker11.04.1990R  
Cayuga Topmast Deere John11.04.1990R
Cayuga Topmasts Jamboree25.06.1987H  
Cayuga Uboat06.01.1990H  
Cayuga Ultraviolet of Bonaventura29.12.1999H  
Cayuga Unafraid11.12.2007R
Cayuga United States07.11.1994R  
Cayuga Unlimited Batgirl at Toppoloppo07.11.1994H  
Cayuga Unmerciful07.11.1994R  
Cayuga Unmitigated07.11.1994R  
Cayuga Up-Cast11.12.2007H  
Cayuga Up-Land11.12.2007H  
Cayuga Upmost of Bonaventura11.12.2007H
Cayuga Upper Order07.11.1994R
Cayuga Uppercut of Bonaventura11.12.2007R  
Cayuga Uppermost of Bonavista07.11.1994R
Cayuga Urban Cowboy06.01.1990R  
Cayuga Vanity Fair28.04.1990H  
Cayuga Vbomber03.12.1999R  
Cayuga Vehement Snow Storm28.04.1990R  
Cayuga Venture of Bonaventura28.12.1994H  
Cayuga Vermont28.12.1994R  
Cayuga Veronica Lake28.04.1990H  
Cayuga Vertical Take Off28.04.1990R  
Cayuga Verve And Sparkle28.04.1990H  
Cayuga Very High Frequency28.12.1994H  
Cayuga Very Large Array of Bonaventura03.12.1999H  
Cayuga Very Newf28.12.1994H  
Cayuga Very Sound28.04.1990H  
Cayuga Verybear of Bonaventura28.12.1994R  
Cayuga Vickers Valiant03.12.1999R  
Cayuga Victoria at Erborata28.12.1994H  
Cayuga Victoria Knows28.04.1990H  
Cayuga Victory of Tarbells03.12.1999R  
Cayuga Virginia Forever28.04.1990H  
Cayuga Virginia Rosebud03.12.1999H  
Cayuga Vivauma03.12.1999H  
Cayuga Voyager28.04.1990R  
Cayuga Voyager of Bonavista28.12.1994R
Cayuga Vulcanbtwo03.12.1999R  
Cayuga Wakinyancica of Bonaventura07.01.2000H  
Cayuga Wanna Be of Bonaventura27.01.1995H
Cayuga Wanted By Twillin Gate27.01.1995H
Cayuga Way To Rain Coast07.01.2000H  
Cayuga Wayne Not John07.01.2000R  
Cayuga We Are Not Angels02.05.1990H  
Cayuga We Shall Overcome of Bonaventura27.01.1995H  
Cayuga Welcome at Owasco27.01.1995H
Cayuga Westerns Best of Bonavista02.05.1990R  
Cayuga Westward To Hollibrooke02.05.1990R  
Cayuga What A Wonderful World of Bonaventura02.05.1990R
Cayuga When You Are Smiling27.01.1995H
Cayuga Wiatt Earp02.05.1990R  
Cayuga Wild Bill Hyckok02.05.1990R  
Cayuga Wild Black Rose07.01.2000H  
Cayuga Will To Go To Rose Wanted07.01.2000H
Cayuga William Bonney02.05.1990R  
Cayuga Wind from West02.05.1990R  
Cayuga Windjammer at Grates Cove27.01.1995H  
Cayuga Winner Takes It All of Bonaventura27.01.1995R  
Cayuga Winnie The Pooh07.01.2000H  
Cayuga Wise Guy at Pouch Cove27.01.1995R  
Cayuga Wiseguy02.05.1990R  
Cayuga Wish Laura To Brassicas07.01.2000H  
Cayuga Wish You Were Here27.01.1995H  
Cayuga Wizard02.05.1990R  
Cayuga Wonderful Dream Realize27.01.1995R  
Cayuga X Done of Bonavista22.11.1994H  
Cayuga Xantippe14.09.1990H  
Cayuga Xcountry09.01.2000R  
Cayuga Xday14.09.1990H  
Cayuga Xebec of Bearbrook14.09.1990R
Cayuga Xenesto Golden Oak09.01.2000H  
Cayuga Xenial14.09.1990H  
Cayuga Xenon14.09.1990H  
Cayuga Xlarge14.09.1990R  
Cayuga Xmas Carol of Bonavista14.09.1990H  
Cayuga Xo of Bonaventura09.01.2000H  
Cayuga Xover09.01.2000H  
Cayuga Xsandos at Seabrook09.01.2000R  
Cayuga Xstrong14.09.1990H  
Cayuga Xtreme To River Creek09.01.2000R  
Cayuga Xuberant22.11.1994R  
Cayuga XXL22.11.1994R  
Cayuga Xylander09.01.2000R  
Cayuga Yachtman22.09.1990R  
Cayuga Yankee Berry of Bonaventura22.09.1990H
Cayuga Yeastyboy22.09.1990R  
Cayuga Yeoman24.04.1995R  
Cayuga Yeomanly22.09.1990R  
Cayuga Yes I Can at Sasquatch16.09.2000H  
Cayuga Yes I Can of Bonavista22.09.1990H  
Cayuga Yesiam Zoldartex24.04.1995R  
Cayuga Yesim for Crystals24.04.1995H  
Cayuga Yesterdays Dream24.04.1995H  
Cayuga Yoke Mate22.09.1990H  
Cayuga Yonderstar22.09.1990H  
Cayuga You Drive Me Crazy22.09.1990H  
Cayuga You Got The Power Back24.04.1995R  
Cayuga You Talk of Liberty16.09.2000H  
Cayuga You Understand22.09.1990H  
Cayuga You Will Live Forever24.04.1995H  
Cayuga Young Gentle Bear24.04.1995R  
Cayuga Your Freedom24.04.1995H  
Cayuga Youwillikeit24.04.1995H  
Cayuga Yuletide Annie16.09.2000H  
Cayuga Yuran16.09.2000R  
Cayuga Zaftig07.12.1990R  
Cayuga Zambo Bear07.12.1990R  
Cayuga Zany The Bear07.12.1990H  
Cayuga Zapper for Fay07.12.1990R  
Cayuga Zeft for Life07.12.1990H  
Cayuga Zingy Bear07.12.1990H  
Cayuga Zippy Bear of Bonavista07.12.1990H  
Cayuga Ziskeit of Bonavista11.05.1995H  
Cayuga Zoe Too of Bonaventura07.09.2000H  
Cayuga Zoltan Indian Scout07.12.1990R  
Cayuga Zounds07.12.1990H  
Fiamma of Topmast10.11.1993H  

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