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Zwinger Pouch Cove (USA)

701 Hunde dieses Zwingers in unserer Datenbank
Ad Lib of Pouch Cove28.06.1977H
Alexandra II06.12.2013H  
Alias Andrew of Pouch Cove04.10.1976R  
All In Favor of Pouch Cove28.06.1985H  
Amanda Bear of Pouch Cove21.03.1987H  
Amitys Appeal To Pouch Cove27.11.1986H  
Amitys Applause of Pouch Cove15.10.1981H
Amitys Osborne of Pouch Cove08.11.1981R
Amitys Panache of Pouch Cove23.06.1984H  
Amitys Paragon of Pouch Cove04.02.1980R
Amitys Pilgrim of Pouch Cove04.10.1976H
Amitys Pipedream of Pouch Cove08.11.1981R
Amitys Princess of Pouch Cove08.11.1981H  
Amitys Reliance of Pouch Cove13.02.1989R  
Antares After The Fact04.09.1996H
Antares Bear Bear10.03.1997R  
Antares Capstan10.03.1997R  
Antares Rufus Onfire10.03.1997R  
Antares Witches Brew19.07.1999H  
Apple Annie of Pouch Cove25.08.1982H
Arthur of Pouch Cove04.02.1980R  
Aukais Malilia of Pouch Cove23.08.1986H  
Bako Maru of Pouch Cove19.08.1973H
Barharbers Amy of Pouch Cove30.11.1979H  
Barharbers Rosco of Pouch Cove28.06.1985R
BBs Sheena of Pouch Cove16.11.1983H  
Bear Emotions of Pouch Cove30.12.1985H  
Bear Paw of Pouch Cove30.12.1985R  
Bearfoot Gref of Pouch Cove16.11.1983R  
Bearoness Edith of Pouch Cove30.12.1985H  
Bentley Watson of Pouch Cove02.12.1987R  
Beowulf of Pouch Cove II12.09.1977R  
Berger Bear of Pouch Cove08.09.1972R  
Big Bruiser of Pouch Cove08.09.1972R  
Big Buck of Pouch Cove31.01.1987R  
Black Bear of Pouch Cove18.11.1982R  
Black Jelibean of Pouch Cove25.08.1982H  
Black Velvet of Pouch Cove15.10.1980H  
Blackberry of Pouch Cove12.05.1985H  
Bonne Bays Cane of Pouch Cove11.12.1978R  
Britannias Aja of Pouch Cove16.04.1988H  
Britannias Alex of Pouch Cove06.11.1989H  
Britannias Bear of Pouch Cove16.04.1988R  
Britannias Ben of Pouch Cove16.04.1988R  
Britannias Bery of Pouch Cove16.04.1988H  
Britannias Bets On Shadybrook06.11.1989H  
Britannias Big Spender28.05.1991R  
Britannias Blis of Pouch Cove16.04.1988H  
Britannias Boni of Pouch Cove06.11.1989H  
Britannias Jety of Pouch Cove16.04.1988H  
Britannias Morgan Pouch Cove16.04.1988R  
Britannias Nova of Pouch Cove06.11.1989H  
Britannias Reno of Pouch Cove06.11.1989R  
Britannias Wilbur Pouch Cove06.11.1989R  
Buttondunrovin of Pouch Cove01.11.1982R  
Call Me Madam of Pouch Cove11.10.1976H
Carries Mizzen of Pouch Cove28.06.1985H  
Carryin´ The Bear at Pouch Cove27.11.1987H  
Cassie Sue of Pouch Cove25.12.1978H  
Chanel Noire of Pouch Cove31.01.1987H  
Charlie Antares04.09.1996R  
Chevas II of Pouch Cove05.05.1986R  
Chewbacca II of Pouch Cove13.11.1980R  
Classical Jazz of Pouch Cove12.05.1985H
Cuttysark of Pouch Cove06.03.1976R  
Daddy Warbucks of Pouch Cove04.05.1981R
Dame Sophia of Pouch Cove28.09.1985H  
Dancing Dakota of Pouch Cove12.06.1983R  
Daniel of Pouch Cove01.10.1970R  
Darbydales G-Man16.11.2001R  
Darbydales Keep´M Guess´N24.05.1997R  
Darbydales Shake´M Up24.05.1997H
Dardans Anna of Pouch Cove04.05.1981H
Debos Honey Pie of Pouch Cove15.10.1981H  
Decembear of Pouch Cove30.12.1985H
Dream Come True Cockabaloo03.01.1999R  
Dudley Do Right II10.03.1997R  
Dusty Bear of Pouch Cove21.05.1984H  
Eddie of Pouch Cove05.11.1986R  
Elliot of Pouch Cove01.11.1982R  
Elrids Carbon Copy Pouch Cove28.09.1985H  
Finders Keepers of Pouch Cove23.08.1986R
Gentle Ben of Pouch Cove12.05.1985R  
Great Scott of Pouch Cove13.07.1974R  
Grizzley of Pouch Cove16.11.1986H  
Grizzly Bear of Pouch Cove07.08.1984R  
Gunter Vom Antares03.01.1999R  
Harbor Master of Pouch Cove01.11.1982R
Havens Dawn of Pouch Cove08.11.1975H  
Havens Dusk of Pouch Cove08.11.1975H  
Havens Lumox of Pouch Cove01.06.1975R  
Havens Tartan of Pouch Cove01.06.1975H  
Haywards Reb´l Rose of Pouch Cove11.12.1978H  
Highland Bear of Pouch Cove12.06.1983R
Highland Fling of Pouch Cove02.01.1985H
Highland Skye of Pouch Cove12.03.1987R
Holokais True Pouch Cove19.02.2005R  
Holokais Wade And Sea of Pouch Cove19.02.2005H  
Humphrey Bogart of Pouch Cove30.11.1979R  
Jamboree of Pouch Cove12.05.1985H
Jesses James of Pouch Cove19.08.1973R  
Johns Big Ben of Pouch Cove02.02.1985R
Journey To Pouch Cove12.06.1983R  
Just Ducky of Pouch Cove12.03.1987H  
Just Gus04.07.2013R  
Kaanapali Cuja of Pouch Cove18.11.1982H  
Kaanapalis Axis Monster Pup24.01.1990R  
Kaanapalis Buckwheat24.04.1989R  
Kaanapalis Cody24.01.1990R  
Kaanapalis Fagin of Pouch Cove24.01.1990R  
Kaanapalis Kasey of Wildfire24.01.1990H  
Kaanapalis Mighty Murphy24.01.1990R  
Kaanapalis Pie In The Sky24.04.1989H  
Kaanapalis Ready Or Not24.01.1990H  
Kaanapalis Tasha24.04.1989H  
Keepsake of Pouch Cove01.11.1982H
Kilykas Aphrodite Pouch Cove25.08.1982H
Kilykas She Shell04.10.1976H
King Lears Sambo of Pouch Cove13.11.1980R  
King Louie I of Pouch Cove28.09.1985R  
King Zeus of Pouch Cove05.05.1986R  
Kuuipo O´Aukai of Pouch Cove08.09.1972H
Lady Bronwen of Pouch Cove06.03.1976H  
Laurenthian Nan of Pouch Cove11.12.1978H
Lazarus of Pouch Cove03.04.1988R  
Liberated Lady of Pouch Cove08.11.1975H
Lighthouses Eve of Pouch Cove25.08.1982H  
Lord Bacchus of Pouch Cove10.12.1988R
Lord Bentley of Pouch Cove08.11.1975R  
Lord Bruno of Pouch Cove21.03.1987R  
Lord Byrons Bosn of Pouch Cove01.06.1975R  
Majestic Bays Final Bow14.03.1999H  
Maudes M Maddie of Darbydale24.05.1997H  
Maximillian of Pouch Cove25.08.1982R  
Meghan Girl of Pouch Cove16.11.1983H  
Midnight Blu of Pouch Cove30.11.1979R  
Mikey of Pouch Cove15.10.1981R  
Moon Shadow of Pouch Cove21.05.1984H
Moonshadows Bfd of Pouch Cove08.06.1983R  
Motion Carried of Pouch Cove15.10.1981H
Mr. Booze of Pouch Cove14.01.1968R  
Mr. Fiddler of Pouch Cove11.12.1978R  
My Girl Emma of Pouch Cove12.09.1977H
Nanook of Pouch Cove25.12.1978H  
Neilly Harpster of Pouch Cove07.10.1987H  
Nerissa of Pouch Cove01.06.1975H
Never Grow Up of Pouch Cove03.11.1985H
Newton of Pouch Cove16.11.1986R  
Night Marauder of Pouch Cove15.10.1981R  
Odyssey Gale at Pouch Cove12.09.1977H  
Ozzie Boy of Peartree Place03.01.1999R  
Pearlie Mae of Pouch Cove04.10.1976H
Peter Kagan of Pouch Cove16.11.1983R  
Pirate of Pouch Cove04.02.1980R  
Poohs Hunny of Pouch Cove18.04.1982H
Portia of Pouch Cove19.08.1973H  
Pouch Coves 17.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves A Rose Is A Rose13.09.1994H  
Pouch Coves About Face28.05.1991H  
Pouch Coves Admiral Dewey15.05.1995R  
Pouch Coves Affidavit04.09.1990R
Pouch Coves After A Fashion17.05.1993H  
Pouch Coves After The Rain17.05.1993R  
Pouch Coves Aim To Please12.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Alexandra Blue Sapphire09.09.2008H  
Pouch Coves All American Amity17.12.1989R
Pouch Coves All American Bear08.09.1972R  
Pouch Coves All American Boy02.06.2007R  
Pouch Coves All The Kings Men08.07.2015R  
Pouch Coves All You Can Be05.11.2002R  
Pouch Coves Always A Bachelor02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Always In Style05.11.2004H  
Pouch Coves Amandabear08.10.2000H  
Pouch Coves American Maid16.11.1987H
Pouch Coves Amity Spillway15.12.2000H  
Pouch Coves Annabelles Wish07.10.1998H  
Pouch Coves Antares Arbitrage14.02.1996H
Pouch Coves Antares Britestar08.10.1997H  
Pouch Coves Antares Holokai Oz19.07.1999H  
Pouch Coves Antares Noah04.09.1996R  
Pouch Coves Antares Prospectus04.09.1996R  
Pouch Coves Antares Trustee14.02.1996R  
Pouch Coves Anthem of Kilyka29.05.1994H  
Pouch Coves at Toad Hall08.08.1995H  
Pouch Coves Aukai Nalu Hope08.10.2000H  
Pouch Coves Avas Gift Que Sera Sera02.12.2011H  
Pouch Coves Back To The Future04.03.1996H  
Pouch Coves Backfield´N Motion20.11.1990H
Pouch Coves Bailey15.09.2005H  
Pouch Coves Ball Buster04.03.1996R  
Pouch Coves Balzano at Cayuga09.09.2008R
Pouch Coves Baron25.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Barrel Strength08.07.2015R  
Pouch Coves Basic Black12.05.1991H
Pouch Coves Bearbrook Bliss29.10.1992H  
Pouch Coves Bearly An Angel24.02.1995H  
Pouch Coves Bearon05.11.2004R  
Pouch Coves Beaureguard17.01.2012R  
Pouch Coves Bella Notte16.12.2000H  
Pouch Coves Belle Noire08.11.1990H  
Pouch Coves Benjamin29.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Bentley Kale Sula30.12.2010R  
Pouch Coves Best Evidence28.05.1991R
Pouch Coves Big Kahuna17.05.1993R  
Pouch Coves Big Louie22.01.1999R  
Pouch Coves Black Magic08.11.1990H  
Pouch Coves Black Magic II17.01.2009H  
Pouch Coves Black Pearl17.01.2012H  
Pouch Coves Blackbeary08.11.1990H  
Pouch Coves Blue Indigo22.10.2004H  
Pouch Coves Blue Shana Mabel05.12.2002H  
Pouch Coves Blueberry Duff16.06.1999R  
Pouch Coves Boatswain08.08.1995R  
Pouch Coves Body N´Soul04.03.1996R
Pouch Coves Bonnavistas Gus22.01.1999R  
Pouch Coves Bowater After Dark04.11.2003R
Pouch Coves Bradley Beach Babe05.06.2014H  
Pouch Coves Brand Nu Dan06.05.2003R  
Pouch Coves Bright Side of The Road12.10.2015R  
Pouch Coves Britannia Murphy27.07.1990H  
Pouch Coves Britannia of Ski27.07.1990H  
Pouch Coves Britannia Pizzaz27.07.1990H  
Pouch Coves Britannia Rico28.05.1991R
Pouch Coves Britannia Trax28.05.1991H
Pouch Coves Brolende Torden28.05.1991R  
Pouch Coves Bronson28.10.1991R  
Pouch Coves Buddy Bear06.08.1993R  
Pouch Coves Buzzy02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves By Any Other Name24.11.1991H  
Pouch Coves Cabernet16.08.1993H  
Pouch Coves Cali29.05.1994H  
Pouch Coves Call of The Wild24.11.1991R
Pouch Coves Calls The Question04.09.1990H
Pouch Coves Cambriol12.05.2000R  
Pouch Coves Camelot Legend12.10.2015R  
Pouch Coves Camps Around Southwind28.09.2004H  
Pouch Coves Candidate27.02.1997R
Pouch Coves Casts Its Vote10.03.2000H
Pouch Coves Causin A Commotion05.06.2014H  
Pouch Coves Cayuga Bundeberg27.04.1999R  
Pouch Coves Celebration17.12.1989H  
Pouch Coves Chadwicks Rosie16.08.1993H  
Pouch Coves Chadwik20.11.1990R  
Pouch Coves Chaka Kahn16.08.1993H  
Pouch Coves Chapter Two04.03.1989R  
Pouch Coves Chateau de Chief Kudo26.09.2000R  
Pouch Coves Chewbacca15.09.1994H  
Pouch Coves Cinderella18.08.1993H  
Pouch Coves Citizen Southwind05.11.2009R  
Pouch Coves Clancy16.08.1993H  
Pouch Coves Cleo of Southwind04.02.2001H  
Pouch Coves Clyde04.03.1996R  
Pouch Coves Coatue Bear22.07.1999H  
Pouch Coves Company Man23.08.1999R  
Pouch Coves Contessa Amadeus28.11.1991H  
Pouch Coves Conversation Piece10.06.2003H  
Pouch Coves Cornerstone08.10.1997R  
Pouch Coves Court Order30.12.1985H  
Pouch Coves Cover Girl02.12.2011H  
Pouch Coves Cuddlebear Titus16.11.1988R  
Pouch Coves Cypress Bay Sam I Am04.11.2003R  
Pouch Coves Dakota Madden30.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Darbydale Booker04.03.1989R
Pouch Coves Darbydale Just Do It05.05.1993R  
Pouch Coves Darbydale Mark My Words05.11.2004H  
Pouch Coves Dark Horse08.10.2000R
Pouch Coves Darling Layla22.10.2004H  
Pouch Coves Declaration17.12.1989H  
Pouch Coves Desoto of Spy Bay15.11.1989H
Pouch Coves Downeaster Alexa04.11.2003H  
Pouch Coves Dream Maker30.03.2004H  
Pouch Coves Ducane17.01.2012R  
Pouch Coves Duncan05.07.1998R  
Pouch Coves Ebony Beartrax10.12.1988H  
Pouch Coves Ebony Gerlach17.01.2009H  
Pouch Coves Elegant In Black09.09.2008H  
Pouch Coves Ember In Autumn25.10.1992H  
Pouch Coves Event at Southwind08.10.2000H  
Pouch Coves Exekiel of Newfield22.07.1999R  
Pouch Coves Famous Last Words19.02.2005R  
Pouch Coves Fanci That Numa19.09.2005H  
Pouch Coves Fantastic Voyage12.10.2015R  
Pouch Coves Fashion Statement09.09.2008H  
Pouch Coves Favorite Son10.04.1988R
Pouch Coves Finnegan25.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Firewater of Antares20.11.1990H
Pouch Coves First Class Numa08.08.1995H  
Pouch Coves Fonteyn04.11.2003H  
Pouch Coves for The Record24.10.1992R
Pouch Coves Foreign Exchange07.10.1998H  
Pouch Coves Foreman at Owasco15.09.1994R
Pouch Coves Forever Kizz Me27.02.1997H  
Pouch Coves Forget Me Not21.03.1987H  
Pouch Coves Found The Silver Lining at Tempest17.01.2012H  
Pouch Coves Four Leaf Clover12.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Franklin17.05.1993R  
Pouch Coves Frequent Flyer08.08.1995H  
Pouch Coves Full of Grace05.06.2014H  
Pouch Coves Gabriels Legacy17.05.1993R  
Pouch Coves Gentlemens Club17.12.2001R  
Pouch Coves George Harrison03.09.2010R  
Pouch Coves Georgias Gem12.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Girl Most Likely24.11.1991H
Pouch Coves Girl On Fire05.06.2014H  
Pouch Coves Go for The Gold18.08.1993H
Pouch Coves Goes The Distance02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Going for The Gold26.11.1997H  
Pouch Coves Goliath24.05.1997R
Pouch Coves Golly Miss Molly04.09.1996H  
Pouch Coves Good News29.07.1994H
Pouch Coves Good To Go06.05.2003H  
Pouch Coves Goodfellow25.07.1995R
Pouch Coves Goodnight Gracie28.10.2005H  
Pouch Coves Great Moosellini10.06.2003R  
Pouch Coves Gref of Newton Ark06.03.1976R
Pouch Coves Gretel Isabella16.06.1999H  
Pouch Coves Guilty As Charged07.03.1994R  
Pouch Coves Guilty As Sin16.12.2000H  
Pouch Coves Haley Spillway08.11.1990H  
Pouch Coves Hannah Mae15.12.2000H  
Pouch Coves Head of State06.05.2003R
Pouch Coves Heads for Woodnewfs22.10.2004H  
Pouch Coves Heads I Win Cayuga05.11.2002R
Pouch Coves Hearsay Benhil13.02.1989H  
Pouch Coves Heaven Sent22.10.2004H  
Pouch Coves Heirloom17.06.1995H  
Pouch Coves Henrietta12.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Henry Ever After05.07.1998R  
Pouch Coves Henry of The River Royal02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Heritage29.06.1996H  
Pouch Coves Higgins 17.05.1993R  
Pouch Coves Highlands Dodger17.12.2001R  
Pouch Coves Holly Golightly22.10.2004H  
Pouch Coves I Am The Spirit12.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves If The Shoe Fits15.05.1995H  
Pouch Coves In Full View22.10.2004H  
Pouch Coves In Good Faith24.10.1992H  
Pouch Coves Iron Lady08.11.1990H  
Pouch Coves It´s All About Her09.10.2007H  
Pouch Coves Iustitium20.11.1990H  
Pouch Coves Jack of All Trades02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Jacks Or Better20.11.1990R
Pouch Coves Jefferson06.05.2003R  
Pouch Coves Jeffrey Spillway28.10.1991R  
Pouch Coves Jessie05.05.1993H  
Pouch Coves Joe Ben Stamper17.01.2012R  
Pouch Coves Joint Venture20.09.2003R  
Pouch Coves Joy of Kelligrew 04.10.1976H  
Pouch Coves Judge And Jury01.07.2005R  
Pouch Coves Just for Skippers22.01.1999R
Pouch Coves Just for St. Albans22.01.1999R  
Pouch Coves Just In Time Nakiska16.12.2000R  
Pouch Coves Just Sayin05.06.2014H  
Pouch Coves Just Whistle10.03.2000H  
Pouch Coves Kalani Kaye05.10.1998H  
Pouch Coves Kalypso28.05.1991H  
Pouch Coves Kasha of Newton Ark13.07.1974H
Pouch Coves Keep A Token W. H.26.11.1997H  
Pouch Coves Keynote Speaker16.12.2000R
Pouch Coves King Bear17.12.2001R  
Pouch Coves Kings Ransom of Ski16.08.1993R  
Pouch Coves Kirbette of Ski16.08.1993H  
Pouch Coves Kirk25.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Kiss Me Katie17.12.2001H
Pouch Coves Kodiak Fuss Ball08.11.1990R  
Pouch Coves Kodiak Thunder16.12.2000R  
Pouch Coves Laetissima03.09.2010H  
Pouch Coves Lears Black Sambo25.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Left Wing Holokai19.02.2005H  
Pouch Coves Legacy of Shadrack12.03.1987H  
Pouch Coves Legend Most17.06.1995H  
Pouch Coves Legend Noirelune05.10.1998H  
Pouch Coves Let It Ride05.07.1998R  
Pouch Coves Licorice Lady12.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Likely Story05.11.2004H  
Pouch Coves Live Wire13.02.1989R  
Pouch Coves Livin´ On A Prayer05.06.2014H  
Pouch Coves Liza29.10.1992H  
Pouch Coves Li´l Lucy Babe08.11.1990H  
Pouch Coves Locomotion23.08.1986R
Pouch Coves Lord Cerebus24.02.1995R  
Pouch Coves Lord Krishna00.00.0000R  
Pouch Coves Louis I Korman30.03.2004R  
Pouch Coves Luka Bloom08.08.1995H  
Pouch Coves Madaket Millie29.01.1990H  
Pouch Coves Maddens Boo Boo28.10.2005H  
Pouch Coves Maddens Yogi28.10.2005R  
Pouch Coves Madison28.05.1991R  
Pouch Coves Madison II17.01.2012H  
Pouch Coves Magic Citys Barkley02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Mailorder Bride17.12.1989H  
Pouch Coves Majestic Bay Gal14.03.1999H  
Pouch Coves Majority Rules04.09.1990H  
Pouch Coves Make A Wish24.02.1995H  
Pouch Coves Make Believe27.02.1997H
Pouch Coves Makulo Benjakov08.11.1990R  
Pouch Coves Maple Leaf26.11.1997H  
Pouch Coves Marasheen28.05.1991H  
Pouch Coves Marley31.08.1996R  
Pouch Coves Master Baggins10.06.2003R  
Pouch Coves Material Girl18.02.2009H  
Pouch Coves Matter of Fact15.09.1994R
Pouch Coves Matter of Miro04.03.1996R  
Pouch Coves Max of Bear Creek24.01.1990R  
Pouch Coves Meant To Be01.01.2000H  
Pouch Coves Midnight In Newport05.06.2014H  
Pouch Coves Midnight Son08.10.1997R  
Pouch Coves Midnite Bay05.12.1990R
Pouch Coves Midnite Election18.11.2003H  
Pouch Coves Midnite Marker05.11.2004R  
Pouch Coves Mischievous Molly22.09.1995H  
Pouch Coves Miss Demeanor27.02.1997H  
Pouch Coves Miss Lolly15.09.2005H  
Pouch Coves Miss Molly May10.06.2003H  
Pouch Coves Mister Sampson19.05.1995R  
Pouch Coves Mitch28.10.1991R  
Pouch Coves Moment In Time12.10.2015H  
Pouch Coves Monroe at Owasco15.09.1994H  
Pouch Coves Moon God of Southwind07.12.2001R  
Pouch Coves Moose05.07.1998R  
Pouch Coves Mr. Smarty Pants03.09.2010R  
Pouch Coves Ms. Natalie Would14.02.1996H  
Pouch Coves Muddy Creek Chance22.07.1987R  
Pouch Coves Muddy Creek Harmony22.09.1995H  
Pouch Coves Muddy Creek Valor23.08.1999R  
Pouch Coves Muddy Creeks Tess06.11.1983H
Pouch Coves Muddy Otterhound30.03.2004R  
Pouch Coves Mundays Child15.09.2005H  
Pouch Coves Murphy McQuillan02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Murphys Kiss Rogan10.03.2000R  
Pouch Coves My American Dream20.11.1990H  
Pouch Coves Nana Bear28.05.1991H  
Pouch Coves Nana for Tempest17.01.2012H  
Pouch Coves Natural at Nakiska06.05.2003H  
Pouch Coves Navigator01.03.1996R  
Pouch Coves Navy Cut of Cayuga27.04.1999R
Pouch Coves Nero28.05.1991R  
Pouch Coves New Deal28.10.2005R  
Pouch Coves New Wave 08.10.2000R  
Pouch Coves Newman19.05.1995R  
Pouch Coves Noah´s Too Much31.05.2007R  
Pouch Coves Noble Damsel03.04.1988H  
Pouch Coves Nominates Southwind07.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Northern Spirit08.10.1997H
Pouch Coves Nostalgia of Kilyka29.06.1996H  
Pouch Coves Nova05.12.1990H  
Pouch Coves Now Docks at Nakiska12.05.2000R
Pouch Coves Numa Novelty16.08.2005H  
Pouch Coves Numas Tiani08.11.1990H  
Pouch Coves Numas Tradition05.11.2002H  
Pouch Coves Objection Overruled29.05.1994H
Pouch Coves Octobear28.10.1991R  
Pouch Coves On All Fours13.02.1989H  
Pouch Coves On The Merits07.03.1994H  
Pouch Coves On The Road Again00.00.0000R  
Pouch Coves Orson29.05.1994R  
Pouch Coves Otis Jacob08.11.1990R  
Pouch Coves Packer of Holokai19.02.2005R  
Pouch Coves Party Favor10.06.2003H  
Pouch Coves Party of One28.10.1992H  
Pouch Coves Patriot II24.11.1991R  
Pouch Coves Patriot of Cayuga20.11.1990R
Pouch Coves Peace On Earth30.12.2010R  
Pouch Coves Penny12.05.1991H  
Pouch Coves Peoples Choice07.12.2001R  
Pouch Coves Perfect Storm26.11.1997H  
Pouch Coves Peter of Spillway05.12.2002R  
Pouch Coves Philosophy01.03.1996H
Pouch Coves Politician03.01.1999R  
Pouch Coves Ponderosas Zack26.11.1997R  
Pouch Coves Port Side24.04.1989R  
Pouch Coves Power of Zeus01.03.1996R  
Pouch Coves Presumed Innocent28.05.1991H
Pouch Coves Princess Rylee12.10.2015H  
Pouch Coves Prosecutor17.05.1993R
Pouch Coves Rainbow Over Nakiska29.06.2006H  
Pouch Coves Raises The Bar06.05.2003R
Pouch Coves Randy27.02.1997R  
Pouch Coves Rebecca24.10.1992H  
Pouch Coves Rebekah of Twain29.10.1992H  
Pouch Coves Regal Rielly16.06.1999H  
Pouch Coves Remember My Name18.08.1993H  
Pouch Coves Remembers18.08.1993H  
Pouch Coves Rendition12.05.1991H
Pouch Coves Repeat After Me at Karazan28.05.1991R
Pouch Coves Rests Its Case30.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Riley22.07.1999R  
Pouch Coves Ripley05.05.1993H  
Pouch Coves Rocki28.05.1991H  
Pouch Coves Rootin Tootin Newton22.07.1999R  
Pouch Coves Rosewood Gracie17.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Ruby Begonia01.03.1996H  
Pouch Coves Russian Hit from Seabrook03.12.2009H
Pouch Coves Sadie of Hayward15.10.1981H  
Pouch Coves Sailor29.01.1990H  
Pouch Coves Sally Sue Smith04.03.1996H  
Pouch Coves Salome O´Tarbell24.11.1991H
Pouch Coves Samantha25.10.1992H  
Pouch Coves Samuel23.08.1999R  
Pouch Coves Samui Remembered24.05.1997H  
Pouch Coves Sankaty Light28.10.1991H  
Pouch Coves Sarah Spillway15.12.2000H  
Pouch Coves Sassdy of Baywatch05.05.1993H  
Pouch Coves Saving Grace18.11.2003H  
Pouch Coves Savoir Faire24.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Saxons Gunner03.12.2009R  
Pouch Coves Say Your Prayers13.09.1994R  
Pouch Coves Seabrook Because He Can06.08.2010R  
Pouch Coves Seabrook By Mukwa12.09.2003H  
Pouch Coves Seabrook Enough Said03.12.2009H  
Pouch Coves Seabrook New Man at Nakiska03.12.2009R  
Pouch Coves Seaside Magnolia10.03.2000H  
Pouch Coves Sebastian Spirit25.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Second The Motion28.06.1985H
Pouch Coves Shares The Spirit18.11.2003H  
Pouch Coves She´s No Angel at Antares14.02.1996H  
Pouch Coves Shiprock of SKI25.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Shiprock Sally17.05.1993H  
Pouch Coves Shiprock Sydney25.10.1992H
Pouch Coves Sir Benjamin Bear07.03.1994R  
Pouch Coves Sky Hy at Southwind23.08.1999H  
Pouch Coves Smoky Midnight04.09.1996H  
Pouch Coves Sobe22.01.1999R  
Pouch Coves Something´s New Reagan17.01.2012R  
Pouch Coves Son Also Rises04.02.2001R  
Pouch Coves Son Kis´D Nautica17.05.1993H  
Pouch Coves Southern Breeze12.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Southern Gentleman05.06.2014R  
Pouch Coves Southwind05.11.2009R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Alliata at Riverside15.08.2015H  
Pouch Coves Southwind at RV04.02.2001H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Bonny04.07.2013H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Bowater14.09.2003H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Celestial Spirit06.12.2013H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Dress Blues02.10.2012R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Duncan04.07.2013R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Edge of Glory17.07.2011H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Fashionista02.12.2011H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Finally Named17.07.2011R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Game On06.12.2013R  
Pouch Coves Southwind II02.10.2012R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Kenny Powers02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Lyla17.01.2009H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Merlin Ambrosius02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Morning Glory28.10.2008H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Ovation at Annisquam Light06.12.2013R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Palazoo Torch02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Piper07.12.2001H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Pop´Lar Vote05.11.2002H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Scenario14.09.2003H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Senator28.10.2008R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Sentiment17.01.2009H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Serenada15.09.2005H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Serenade II04.07.2013H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Serendipity02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Slogan07.12.2001R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Solution14.09.2003H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Sonrisa04.02.2001H  
Pouch Coves Southwind State of Play02.12.2011R  
Pouch Coves Southwind Summary20.04.2006H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Summit04.02.2001H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Sums It Up02.10.2012H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Susan28.09.2004H  
Pouch Coves Southwind Versace03.09.2010H  
Pouch Coves Special Edition17.12.2001R  
Pouch Coves Spectacular Sadie15.09.2005H  
Pouch Coves Spellbound05.10.1998H  
Pouch Coves Spellcaster19.07.1999H  
Pouch Coves Spins A Dream09.02.1997R
Pouch Coves Spirit16.12.2000R  
Pouch Coves Spirit of A Dream18.11.2003H  
Pouch Coves Spook27.04.1999R  
Pouch Coves St. Andrews04.03.1996R
Pouch Coves States Her Case02.06.2007H  
Pouch Coves Statesman24.11.1991R
Pouch Coves Still Loving You14.09.2003H  
Pouch Coves Storm Tide Whaler29.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Summary Judgement06.10.1988H  
Pouch Coves Sunday Best29.05.1994H  
Pouch Coves Supreme Justice25.07.1995R
Pouch Coves Sweet Dreams28.06.1989H  
Pouch Coves Tagg You´re It14.02.1996R  
Pouch Coves Taking The Fifth04.09.1990R  
Pouch Coves Tarkus28.11.1991R  
Pouch Coves Tatanga Bearpaw29.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Tella To The Judge11.07.1987H  
Pouch Coves Tempest Celebration17.01.2012H  
Pouch Coves Tempest It´s All About The Journey17.01.2012H  
Pouch Coves Tempest Siegfried17.01.2012R  
Pouch Coves Testimony29.07.1994H  
Pouch Coves That Girl at RVK23.08.1999H  
Pouch Coves The Shareholder16.06.1999R
Pouch Coves Theodore Bear16.08.1993R  
Pouch Coves Three Cheers04.09.1996H
Pouch Coves Three Times A Lady15.10.1981H  
Pouch Coves Thunder28.05.1991R  
Pouch Coves Thunder II16.08.1993R
Pouch Coves Tide of Cypress Bay29.01.1990H  
Pouch Coves Tis´ Himself08.10.2000R  
Pouch Coves Toad Hall Billy30.12.2001R  
Pouch Coves Toad Hall Joe22.09.1995R  
Pouch Coves Token05.12.1990H
Pouch Coves Too Close To Call18.11.2003R  
Pouch Coves Tooka Big Chantz04.03.1996R  
Pouch Coves Touched By An Angel08.10.2000H  
Pouch Coves Treasure Chest10.04.1988H
Pouch Coves Trips To Win20.11.1990H
Pouch Coves Tuckernuck Drifter30.10.1989R  
Pouch Coves Turns The Page01.03.1996H  
Pouch Coves Up In The Air at Tempest17.01.2012H  
Pouch Coves Up Your Ante29.01.1990H  
Pouch Coves Valentines Delight14.02.1996H  
Pouch Coves Veda28.11.1991H  
Pouch Coves Victorian Rose09.09.2008H  
Pouch Coves Vintage Southwind04.02.2001R
Pouch Coves Walk Tall Cayuga07.10.1998R
Pouch Coves Whispers Shiprock25.10.1992H  
Pouch Coves Whistling Dixie31.08.1996R  
Pouch Coves Whistlin´ Dixie29.10.1992H  
Pouch Coves Wild About Harry08.10.2000R  
Pouch Coves Window Dressing05.07.1998H  
Pouch Coves Winning Argument24.10.1992R  
Pouch Coves Winston of Inwood17.01.2012R  
Pouch Coves Winter Mischief02.12.2011H  
Pouch Coves Witch Is Witch19.07.1999H  
Pouch Coves Yankee Sailor15.12.2000R  
Pouch Coves Yellow Rose27.04.1999H  
Pouch Coves Yogi of Southwind04.02.2001R  
Pouch Coves Yogi The Bear27.02.1997R  
Pouch Coves Zoe17.05.1993H  
Reverend Mr. B of Pouch Cove30.11.1979R
Rocky Reef of Pouch Cove16.11.1986R
Saint Barnabas of Pouch Cove25.08.1982R  
Sam Beau of Pouch Cove18.04.1982R  
Samson of Pouch Cove06.11.1983R  
Sancho of Pouch Cove01.11.1982R  
Schooner Bosun of Pouch Cove08.09.1972R  
Sea Nymph of Pouch Cove03.11.1985H
Seamount Jonah of Pouch Cove28.06.1977R  
Seaplay Sunrise of Pouch Cove30.11.1979R
Seasons Autumn of Pouch Cove13.11.1980H
Sebastian of Pouch Cove18.04.1982R  
Shadybrooks Rita of Pouch Cove02.12.1987H  
Shasta of Pouch Cove04.05.1981H  
Sheba of Pouch Cove06.11.1983H  
Ship of The Line of Pouch Cove25.12.1978R  
Shiprocks Alibi of Pouch Cove06.11.1988H  
Shiprocks Juris of Pouch Cove06.11.1988H  
Sir Ebony of Pouch Cove25.12.1978R  
Sir Lancelot of Pouch Cove II12.09.1977R  
Sir Winston of Pouch Cove II18.04.1982R  
Skimeisters Meg of Pouch Cove13.02.1989H
Skis Amendment By Pouch Cove30.12.1985H
Skis Legacy from Pouch Cove06.10.1988H
Smokie of Pouch Cove12.09.1977H  
Smokomos Megan of Pouch Cove05.11.1986H  
Sooner Or Later of Pouch Cove01.01.1988H  
Southwinds Ella Toom28.10.2006H  
Southwinds Harold05.11.2009R  
Southwinds It´s A Wonderful Life28.10.2006R  
Southwinds Lord Thistles Something To Crow About05.11.2009R  
Southwinds Midnight Swimmer14.09.2003R  
Southwinds Paulov of Pouch Cove02.10.2012R  
Southwinds Pouch Cove All Dressed Up05.11.2009H  
Southwinds Pouch Cove Bernice17.07.2011H  
Southwinds Pouch Cove Emcee07.12.2001R  
Southwinds Pouch Cove Gracie Girl05.11.2009H  
Southwinds Pouch Cove Jake05.11.2009R  
Southwinds Pouch Cove Maximilian02.10.2012R  
Southwinds Pouch Cove McKinley14.09.2003H  
Southwinds Pouch Cove Oolum of Valhalla05.11.2009R  
Southwinds Pouch Cove Sophie Rose06.12.2013H  
Southwinds Sea Witch07.12.2001H  
Southwinds Seaman of Tealpond Shore28.10.2008R  
Southwinds Winifred Mo Chuisle28.10.2008H  
Souvenir of Pouch Cove23.08.1986H
Spencer of Pouch Cove28.09.1985R  
Spillways Ebony Ceasar28.11.1991R  
Spillways Get A Grip06.08.1993H  
Spillways Isaac Pouch Cove15.12.2000R  
Spillways Maggie of Pouch Cove28.11.1991H  
Spillways Man of Pouch Cove06.03.1984R
Spillways Yosie of Pouch Cove03.11.1985H  
Summers Mollie of Pouch Cove12.05.1985H  
Sweet Dreams of Pouch Cove16.11.1987H  
Sweet Gussie of Pouch Cove28.06.1977H  
The Black Baron of Pouch Cove16.11.1983R  
Theodore Bear of Pouch Cove12.03.1987R  
Thunder Bear of Pouch Cove16.11.1983R  
Tis´ The Season of Pouch Cove25.12.1978H
Tuckamores Dutch of Pouch Cove28.06.1977R
Tuckamores Polly Pouch Cove12.09.1977H
Tuckamores Tojo of Pouch Cove01.06.1975R
Ursa Major of Antares04.09.1996R  
Ursa Minor of Pouch Cove30.11.1979H  
Waldo of Pouch Cove14.01.1968R
Walter Beasley of Pouch Cove04.05.1981R
Walter Webster of Pouch Cove12.05.1985R  
Whitewoods Dakota Pouch Cove07.08.1984H  
Yankee Peddler of Pouch Cove16.11.1983R
Yankee Skipper of Pouch Cove28.06.1985R  

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