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Zwinger Seabrook (USA)

360 Hunde dieses Zwingers in unserer Datenbank
Amelia Bearheart of Sandy Lane14.12.2007H  
Black Beethoven Beauty18.03.1993R  
Booboo Bear06.07.1992R  
Boomer Too Sir Amore08.03.1993R  
Chippewa Zebb18.03.1993R  
Daisy Mae of Lake Park27.01.1994H  
Downeasters Sarah E Seabrook07.04.1994H  
Griffin Justis Olson23.09.1999R  
Halcyon Days Livin´ Large15.02.2003H  
Halcyons Lettuce Duit06.07.1992H  
Hazel Pooh Underhill29.10.2015H  
Just Bearly Maggy21.04.1991H  
Legacys Chelsea Seabrook18.09.1992H
Legacys Tabu Kiki Kiera27.01.1994H  
Midnight XI20.01.2000R  
Mitchells Own28.10.2008R  
Mukwa Seabrook Nightflight for Sent Djons10.07.2013H
Mukwas Cool Calm And Calculating14.12.2007R  
Mukwas Dance The Night Away10.07.2013H  
Pouch Coves I See You Seabrook10.03.1999H  
Pouch Coves Seabrook Air Raid28.01.1997R  
Pouch Coves Seabrook at Amadeus28.06.1998H  
Pouch Coves Seabrook Heirliance07.01.2004H  
Pouch Coves Seabrook Johnny08.12.2009R  
Pouch Coves Seabrook Meriwether28.04.2001H  
Pouch Coves Seabrook Sabrina08.12.2009H  
Princess Belle Reba Fahrman02.02.1994H  
Seabrook at Pooh Bear Dotcalm10.12.1998H  
Seabrook II04.02.1997R  
Seabrook III01.12.2000R  
Seabrook IV31.03.2001R  
Seabrooks A Bird In The Hand15.12.2013H  
Seabrooks Abby Pooh Bear19.12.2000H  
Seabrooks Admiral Nelson07.06.2000R  
Seabrooks Advantage Pouch Cove12.09.2003H  
Seabrooks All Hail Wynship28.10.2008H  
Seabrooks All That Jazz21.04.1991H  
Seabrooks Always Stay Humble And Kind10.12.2016R  
Seabrooks Amadeus Michaela Tabu13.03.1995H  
Seabrooks Analyze This03.02.2003H  
Seabrooks Angus of Norfield29.12.1994R  
Seabrooks Around The Wolrd With Sent Djons29.10.2015R  
Seabrooks Arthur Pooh Bear19.12.2000R  
Seabrooks As You Wish Pouch Cove26.08.2012H  
Seabrooks Autumn Kiss for Sent Djons27.05.2012H
Seabrooks Baby Grand08.07.1990H  
Seabrooks Bacchanal Port Tabu13.03.1995R
Seabrooks Bacchanal Royalty08.07.1997H  
Seabrooks Back To The Future27.08.2005R  
Seabrooks Bantry Irish Ayes28.01.1997R  
Seabrooks Bantry Kiss from A Rose28.01.1997H  
Seabrooks Batteries Not Included27.05.2012H  
Seabrooks Beacon of Pouch Cove07.06.2000R
Seabrooks Bear Jordan28.06.1998R  
Seabrooks Bella Hez Just Rite27.03.2002R  
Seabrooks Belladonna del Mar08.03.1993H  
Seabrooks Belleheir Capriccio04.08.1998H  
Seabrooks Ben Thardun That26.11.1996R  
Seabrooks Best Man at Pouch Cove26.05.2006R
Seabrooks Better Late `N´ Never24.04.1988H  
Seabrooks Bettina Bracco of Pouch Cove30.04.2008H  
Seabrooks Big City Girl at Kirenska13.12.2014H  
Seabrooks Big Show Pouch Cove07.06.2000R  
Seabrooks Black Onyx27.01.1994H  
Seabrooks Boomer06.07.1992R  
Seabrooks Brooke Shields28.01.1997H  
Seabrooks Bythecreek Light The Way To Histakes10.08.2010R  
Seabrooks Caelli Girl04.10.1995H  
Seabrooks Calle Lilly Tabu18.03.1993H  
Seabrooks Camelot Enchanter15.02.2003R  
Seabrooks Cameo of Pouch Cove07.06.2001H  
Seabrooks Can´t Touch This02.02.1994R  
Seabrooks Capt´N Jack-CJ11.08.2005R  
Seabrooks Carolina Girl at Avalon Bey10.12.2016H  
Seabrooks Carpe Diem27.05.2012R  
Seabrooks Casamar Pouch Cove09.12.2003H  
Seabrooks Chancellor for Tabu18.09.1992R
Seabrooks Charlie Bark-Lee28.10.2008R  
Seabrooks Commit To Memory for Hanningfield24.11.2004R  
Seabrooks Consider This08.03.1993H  
Seabrooks Contessa Pouch Cove23.09.1999H  
Seabrooks Countryside Olive31.03.2001H  
Seabrooks Cross The Ocean Pouch Cove25.08.2010H
Seabrooks Cruising On Route 6611.08.2005R
Seabrooks Dances With Pouch Cove25.08.2010R  
Seabrooks Dangerous Beauty14.12.2007H  
Seabrooks Day of Deliverance19.05.2006H  
Seabrooks Day of Grace06.09.2000H  
Seabrooks Deuces Wild Jackpot27.03.2002R  
Seabrooks Dewey19.11.2007R  
Seabrooks Diamond Bandit28.01.1997R  
Seabrooks Diamond Tiara21.04.1991H  
Seabrooks Dodger of Pouch Cove10.03.1999R  
Seabrooks Double Stuffed Oreo02.02.1994H  
Seabrooks Downeaster Yeoman17.01.1989R  
Seabrooks Dreamer of Pooh Bear31.12.1997R  
Seabrooks Dreamer of Poohbear31.12.1997R  
Seabrooks Dressed for Success24.11.2004R  
Seabrooks Drilling for Black Gold Pouch Cove21.11.2008R  
Seabrooks Dulces Suenos Raincoast07.05.2002H  
Seabrooks Earl of Summerford16.09.1999R
Seabrooks East of Eden Tabu17.09.1991H
Seabrooks Easy To Love at Kirenska10.08.2010H  
Seabrooks Ella21.11.2008H  
Seabrooks Emma Promise of Gold16.09.1999H  
Seabrooks Esmeralda Downeaster21.04.1991H  
Seabrooks Fancy of Bee Creek16.06.1999H  
Seabrooks Fargo of Bee Creek28.01.1997R  
Seabrooks Fergalicious of Pouch Cove18.11.2007R  
Seabrooks First Mate Davis03.02.2003R  
Seabrooks Fly To Midnight Lady20.01.2000H
Seabrooks Freud of Montevento13.03.1995R  
Seabrooks Gabriel of Caeles Hills21.11.2008R
Seabrooks Garden of Eden Pouch Cove15.02.2003R  
Seabrooks George Pooh Bear19.12.2000R  
Seabrooks Georgie28.04.2001R  
Seabrooks Grand Illusion24.01.1997R
Seabrooks Guinness Extra Stout13.12.2014R  
Seabrooks Hank Heiron04.08.1998R
Seabrooks Hapipaws Pouch Cove15.02.2003H  
Seabrooks Head Over Boots for You at Bear Trax17.03.2016R  
Seabrooks Headmaster Tabu18.09.1992R
Seabrooks Heir Style29.09.1998H  
Seabrooks Heir Tight Alibi15.02.2003R  
Seabrooks Heir To Honeylane04.08.1998H  
Seabrooks Heirabella Pouch Cove19.11.2007H  
Seabrooks Heirborne Pouch Cove28.01.1997R
Seabrooks Heiress at Pouch Cove27.11.2006H  
Seabrooks Heireverent Pouch Cove28.06.1998H
Seabrooks Heirfare To Pouch Cove27.11.2006H  
Seabrooks Heirica Pouch Cove28.04.2001H  
Seabrooks Heirielle Pouch Cove27.11.2006H  
Seabrooks Heiristible Pouch Cove07.01.2004H  
Seabrooks Heiristotle Pouch Cove11.04.2002R
Seabrooks Heirsay Pouch Cove18.11.2007H  
Seabrooks Helen Highwater17.01.1989H  
Seabrooks Here´s Looking at You24.09.2016H  
Seabrooks High Flying Hutton08.07.1997H  
Seabrooks Hollywood Hills of Oceano30.06.2006H
Seabrooks Hoosier Daddy Pouch Cove19.11.2007R  
Seabrooks Huge Cargo13.05.1987R  
Seabrooks Hurricane Molly17.12.1997H  
Seabrooks I Am Pouch Cove29.07.2011H  
Seabrooks I Am Superman31.03.2001R  
Seabrooks I Hope You Dance27.05.2012H  
Seabrooks Icebreaker Pouch Cove28.01.1997R  
Seabrooks Ike Go To The Raincoast16.06.1999R  
Seabrooks Implied Consent at Pouch Cove25.08.2010H  
Seabrooks In His Service Pouch Cove18.11.2007R  
Seabrooks In My Own Sweet Time at Windancer26.05.2006H
Seabrooks Is A Bella Newf11.04.2002H  
Seabrooks Isabelle of Tabu08.03.1993H  
Seabrooks It´s All About Me09.10.2007H  
Seabrooks It´s Not Over Til It´s Over at Colnbear17.03.2016R  
Seabrooks Jake In The Box Tabu13.03.1995R  
Seabrooks Jaquist Blessed Tenfold13.12.2014R  
Seabrooks Jolly17.12.1997H  
Seabrooks Josie30.04.2008H  
Seabrooks Journey To Comfortcove28.10.2008H  
Seabrooks Juliette of Pooh Bear04.02.1997H
Seabrooks June Sweet Belle28.06.1998H  
Seabrooks Kathys Clown P Bear20.01.2000H  
Seabrooks Keep Calm And Carry On29.10.2015H  
Seabrooks Kindred Spirit Pouch Cove09.11.2013R  
Seabrooks King of Swing16.06.1999R  
Seabrooks Kirenskas Kiss Me Cate24.09.2016H  
Seabrooks Kirenskas You Had Me at Hello24.09.2016R  
Seabrooks Kiss Me Kate16.09.1999H  
Seabrooks Kitty Hawke at Owasco04.02.1997H  
Seabrooks Lakesides Crystal Ball26.05.2006H  
Seabrooks Legacy Dauntless Diva17.12.1997H  
Seabrooks Legacy of Pouch Cove30.04.1999H
Seabrooks Legacyheltn Pouch Cove07.06.2000R  
Seabrooks Legacys Cutie Pie Katja17.03.2016H  
Seabrooks Let´s Talk About Me13.12.2014R  
Seabrooks Liberty Belle O´Breakwater08.07.1997H  
Seabrooks Licorice Twist07.10.1986H  
Seabrooks Lights Up Bythecreek10.08.2010H  
Seabrooks Lincoln Lifetime Luv17.03.2007R  
Seabrooks Little Miss Sunshine26.08.2012H  
Seabrooks Looking for Fools Gold10.12.2016H  
Seabrooks Love Her Madly28.10.2008H  
Seabrooks Love O´Lee21.04.1991H  
Seabrooks Mabel07.02.2001H  
Seabrooks MacKenzie26.11.1996R  
Seabrooks Macs Sunday Drive27.03.2002R  
Seabrooks Maddie About You29.09.1998H  
Seabrooks Magic Moment24.09.2016H  
Seabrooks Magic of Willowrun07.10.1986H  
Seabrooks Manifest Destiny10.12.1998R  
Seabrooks Max Lap Top Onyxbay10.02.2003H  
Seabrooks Maxs Blue Chip03.02.2003R  
Seabrooks Maxs Bvs Daisy05.03.2003H  
Seabrooks Me First Pouch Cove23.07.2011R  
Seabrooks Megan at Windchymes11.04.2002H  
Seabrooks Memphis Belle26.11.1996H  
Seabrooks Merci Beaucoup Bruin15.12.2013H  
Seabrooks Michala04.10.1995H  
Seabrooks Midnight Elibi17.01.1989H  
Seabrooks Midnight Molly17.01.1989H  
Seabrooks Mighty Quinn13.12.2014R  
Seabrooks Mile Marker at Pouch Cove23.07.2011R  
Seabrooks Millionheir Pouch Cove27.11.2006R  
Seabrooks Miss Marquette09.06.1996H  
Seabrooks Mister Divine at Disoranto10.12.2016R  
Seabrooks Molly at Marjens10.12.1998H  
Seabrooks Mosley Pooh Bear19.12.2000R  
Seabrooks Mukwa Paint It Black12.09.2003H  
Seabrooks My Rose Riley06.09.2000H  
Seabrooks My Way Or The Highway Pouch Cove06.08.2010R  
Seabrooks My Wild Irish Rose17.03.2016H  
Seabrooks Nauti Nan04.10.1995H  
Seabrooks No Limits at Cayuga04.02.1997R  
Seabrooks No No Nanette Tabu18.03.1993H  
Seabrooks Noirelune Fairytale04.08.1998H  
Seabrooks North By Northwest21.04.1991R  
Seabrooks Now Playing at Bowater17.03.2007R  
Seabrooks Numas Flying High13.12.2014H  
Seabrooks Odessa of Stargazer08.07.1997H  
Seabrooks On Board Summerford24.11.2004R  
Seabrooks On Hollywood And Vine30.06.2006H  
Seabrooks On Peachtree Street07.05.2002H
Seabrooks On Santa Monica Blvd30.06.2006R
Seabrooks Otis28.06.1998R  
Seabrooks Outlaw Jesses Bond28.01.1997R  
Seabrooks Owasco Pouch Cove07.01.2004R  
Seabrooks Own Original Miss Paisley13.12.2014H  
Seabrooks Ozzie Bear Pouch Cove07.06.2001R  
Seabrooks Pardon My French10.12.1998H  
Seabrooks Passionate Pilgrim09.06.1996R  
Seabrooks Paxton for Tabu18.09.1992R  
Seabrooks Pekoe Pouch Cove07.01.2004H  
Seabrooks Perfect Storm Pouch Cove21.11.2008R  
Seabrooks Peterbilt04.08.1999R  
Seabrooks Phoebe27.03.2002H  
Seabrooks Pleads The Fifth07.06.2001H  
Seabrooks Poise N Ivy Tabu29.12.1994H  
Seabrooks Ponders Pouch Cove23.07.2011R  
Seabrooks Pooh Bear Protocol31.12.1997H  
Seabrooks Port Out Starbd Home10.12.1998R  
Seabrooks Pouch Cove A Window Opens at Kirenska23.07.2011H  
Seabrooks Pouch Cove All About Lauryn Timbermist30.04.2008H  
Seabrooks Pouch Cove On 5th Ave30.06.2006H  
Seabrooks Preconceived Notion Pouch Cove09.11.2013R  
Seabrooks Rachel Rachel27.01.1994H  
Seabrooks Rainbow Over Jalynn10.08.2010H  
Seabrooks Read Em And Weep17.12.1997R
Seabrooks Realized Bulgarian Dream14.12.2007H
Seabrooks Red Cedar Echoes15.12.2013R  
Seabrooks Regency Beaumont31.03.2001R  
Seabrooks Remember Me Pouch Cove18.11.2007R  
Seabrooks Rio Oso Bodega Ben05.03.2003R  
Seabrooks Roan Irish08.07.1997R  
Seabrooks Rough Rider Rio Oso29.09.1998R  
Seabrooks Rythem of The Night16.06.1999H  
Seabrooks Sabrina Pouch Cove10.03.1999H  
Seabrooks Saddleup The Spirit of Pouch Cove06.08.2010H  
Seabrooks Sage What A Girl11.04.2002H  
Seabrooks Self Made Man Pouch Cove23.09.1999R  
Seabrooks Sentimental Journey27.03.2002H  
Seabrooks Seraphina Windhaven08.12.2003H  
Seabrooks Set Sail To Summerford03.02.2003R  
Seabrooks Shakti16.09.1999H  
Seabrooks She Believed She Could So She Did06.10.2015H  
Seabrooks Shirley You Jest27.01.1994H  
Seabrooks Shiver Me Timbers11.08.2005R  
Seabrooks Shoot for The Moon With Kirenska29.10.2015R  
Seabrooks Sierra Gold11.08.2005H  
Seabrooks Sikome09.06.1996H  
Seabrooks Simone of Tabu13.03.1995H  
Seabrooks Simple Dreams07.05.2002H  
Seabrooks Simply Divine Pouch Cove21.11.2008H  
Seabrooks Simply Stated Pouch Cove26.05.2006H  
Seabrooks Sir Oliver Pouch Cove23.09.1999R  
Seabrooks Sissy Pooh Bear27.01.1994H  
Seabrooks Sisu at Samsara16.09.1999H  
Seabrooks Slam Dunk at Kirenska27.03.2015R  
Seabrooks Smiles On Numa11.08.2005H  
Seabrooks Somthin´ To Talk About Pouch Cove30.04.2008H  
Seabrooks Soudits Tender Otis15.12.2013R  
Seabrooks Southern Cross27.03.2002R
Seabrooks Spinnaker13.05.1987R  
Seabrooks Splendid Splinter07.05.2002R  
Seabrooks Squire of Eagle Ridge28.10.2008R  
Seabrooks Stand And Deliver12.09.2003R  
Seabrooks Stealing Our Hearts10.12.2016R  
Seabrooks Stearman18.03.1993R  
Seabrooks Steinway Tabu18.03.1993R  
Seabrooks Steppin Out at Pooh Bear16.09.1999R
Seabrooks Stormalong13.05.1987R  
Seabrooks Stormin Norman18.03.1993R  
Seabrooks Stormy Skies31.03.2001R  
Seabrooks Street of Dreams04.08.1999H
Seabrooks Streetsmart at Pouch Cove28.10.2008R  
Seabrooks Streetwise11.08.2005R  
Seabrooks Striptease at Legacy08.07.1997H  
Seabrooks Sunday Morning Rainbow03.02.2003H  
Seabrooks Sunset Boulevard30.06.2006H  
Seabrooks Susan Wavedancer18.09.1992H  
Seabrooks Talks The Talk03.02.2003H  
Seabrooks The Dark Half of Tabu29.12.1994R  
Seabrooks The Graduate08.12.2003R
Seabrooks The Secret of Kirenska14.12.2007H  
Seabrooks The Verdict Is In10.08.2010R  
Seabrooks Thelma at Moonstone17.01.1989H  
Seabrooks This Is It Pouch Cove11.05.2014R  
Seabrooks Thundering Bear17.01.1989R  
Seabrooks Thundering Poohbear10.12.1998R  
Seabrooks Timbermist Emmalene09.06.1996H  
Seabrooks Timbermist Kelleigh26.11.1996H  
Seabrooks Time Will Tell07.06.2000R  
Seabrooks Time Will Tell II07.06.2000R  
Seabrooks Tom Blake09.11.2013R  
Seabrooks Topic of Conversation at Pouch Cove08.12.2009H  
Seabrooks Tower of Power07.04.1994R  
Seabrooks Tug Boat of Sekema07.10.1986R  
Seabrooks Tumble Bee31.03.2001R  
Seabrooks Tunes of Pouch Cove07.06.2001H  
Seabrooks Ultimate American Ride To Windhaven29.10.2015R  
Seabrooks Unanswered Prayers26.11.1996R  
Seabrooks Unsinkable Bismarck07.04.1994R  
Seabrooks Vader Is The One24.09.2016R  
Seabrooks Valedictorian16.09.1999H  
Seabrooks Vanishing Mist07.10.1986H  
Seabrooks Victorias Secret04.08.1999H  
Seabrooks Walk of Fame at Britestar28.10.2008H  
Seabrooks Walk This Way28.10.2008R  
Seabrooks Walks The Walk03.02.2003H  
Seabrooks Walks With Mukwa17.03.2007R  
Seabrooks Wally Bud10.12.1998R  
Seabrooks What A Guy Pouch Cove07.06.2000R  
Seabrooks Why Not Pouch Cove01.12.2000H  
Seabrooks Will She Pouch Cove28.07.2001H  
Seabrooks William Arthur Luck06.09.2000R  
Seabrooks Windchymes Honeybear11.08.2005H  
Seabrooks Wisteria Lane11.08.2005H  
Seabrooks Worthy Son06.08.1994R
Seabrooks Wynchme Bjorn Tabu08.03.1993R  
Seabrooks X Marks The Spot24.10.2006R  
Seabrooks Yellowstone Yogi Bear21.04.1991R  
Seabrooks You Can Call Me Queen B15.12.2013H  
Sir Nigel of Seabrook20.01.2000R  
Sweetwaters Sea Moonraker13.03.1995R  
Tabus Don Juan of Seabrook02.02.1994R  
Tabus Leonardo of Seabrook08.03.1993R  
Tabus Seabrook Joshua18.09.1992R  
Tabus Seabrook Septembear17.09.1991R  
The Bombardier17.09.1991R
The Bookmaker04.08.1999R  
The Diva17.09.1991H  
The Femme Fatale18.09.1992H  
The Navigator13.03.1995R  
The Noel Ursula17.09.1991H  
The Supernova of Seabrook02.02.1994H  
Topsy-Lady Daisey18.03.1993H  
Wilson of Sunny Fields28.10.2008R  

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