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Zwinger Tempest (USA)

105 Hunde dieses Zwingers in unserer Datenbank
Tempests 4Ever In Blue Jeans13.07.2009H  
Tempests Accidental Tourist25.06.2008H  
Tempests Always A Bridesmaid29.08.2008H  
Tempests Bella Donna14.03.2006H  
Tempests Benjamin Lang20.03.2006R  
Tempests Bentley10.07.2009R  
Tempests Big Shoes To Fill02.12.2008R  
Tempests Bishop Seaburys Terranova13.07.2009R  
Tempests Bite Off More Than You Can Chew18.06.2010H  
Tempests Bring Home The Bacon24.08.2012H  
Tempests Bruin22.01.2010  
Tempests By Any Other Name07.06.2013H  
Tempests Catch of The Day13.07.2009R  
Tempests Choice at Nakiska20.03.2006R  
Tempests Close But No Cigar20.03.2006R  
Tempests Crewes Missile10.07.2009R  
Tempests Curb Your Enthusiasm10.07.2009H  
Tempests Dark And Stormy01.05.2005R  
Tempests Dishing Just Desserts13.11.2012H  
Tempests Double Magnum of Caymus14.03.2006R  
Tempests Double Or Nothing02.12.2008H  
Tempests Double Take02.12.2008H  
Tempests Empress Josephine01.05.2005H  
Tempests Encore Kilyka21.09.2007H  
Tempests Eye of The Storm02.10.2011H  
Tempests Firebird of Kilyka14.03.2006R  
Tempests First Draft Kilyka24.06.2004R  
Tempests First Lady O´Lanikai05.06.2010H  
Tempests Foiled Again21.12.2013H  
Tempests Forecaster O´Lanikai29.05.2007R  
Tempests Fricka01.05.2005H  
Tempests Go To Plan B22.01.2010H  
Tempests Gordon Bosavage10.07.2009R  
Tempests Got The Message29.05.2007R  
Tempests Gracie24.06.2004H  
Tempests Gustav25.06.2008R  
Tempests Have Faith02.12.2008H  
Tempests Head Above The Clouds21.12.2013H  
Tempests Hits The Spot02.12.2008H  
Tempests Hooligan On The Pitch21.12.2013R  
Tempests HV Who Be Rufus29.05.2007R  
Tempests It´s A Mystery To Me17.08.2015H  
Tempests It´s Not Easy Being Green02.10.2011R  
Tempests I´m A Little Teapot22.01.2010R  
Tempests I´m Begging of You13.11.2012H  
Tempests I´m Worth It Pouch Cove29.09.2016H  
Tempests Jackson B29.08.2008R  
Tempests Just Do It Kilyka14.03.2006R  
Tempests Kaia24.08.2012H  
Tempests Kaili24.06.2004H  
Tempests Keep The Change Pouch Cove13.07.2009H  
Tempests Kilyka Bodhisattva24.06.2004R  
Tempests Kilyka d´Artagnan24.06.2004R  
Tempests Kilyka Girl Next Door14.03.2006H  
Tempests Kilyka House of Blues01.05.2005R  
Tempests Kilyka On Cloud Nine24.06.2004H  
Tempests Kilyka Surely You Jest29.05.2007H  
Tempests Kilyka Wanted So29.05.2007H  
Tempests Liams New Best Friend24.08.2012R  
Tempests Lights The Way18.06.2010R  
Tempests Little Black Dress10.07.2009H  
Tempests Lovely Lara Northwest Explorer18.06.2010H  
Tempests M. O. Quinsigamond02.12.2008R  
Tempests Making Music On The Bayou18.06.2010R  
Tempests Miss Independent at Poseidon29.09.2016H  
Tempests Mollybrooks Hannah25.06.2008H  
Tempests Mollybrooks Watermark14.03.2006R  
Tempests Mornings First Noelle08.10.2013H  
Tempests Mr. Big21.12.2013R  
Tempests No New Tail To Tell25.06.2008H  
Tempests Oh Yes She Can13.11.2012H  
Tempests Over The Rainbow Pouch Cove02.10.2011H  
Tempests Par for The Course25.06.2008H  
Tempests Pay It Forward Pouch Cove18.06.2010R  
Tempests Penny for Your Thoughts Pouch Cove02.10.2011R  
Tempests Pilot of The Sea24.08.2012R  
Tempests Pouch Cove In The Black29.05.2007R  
Tempests Ramble On To Aukai22.01.2010R  
Tempests Right On The Money Pouch Cove13.07.2009H  
Tempests Risky Business22.01.2010R  
Tempests Roselind Kilyka01.05.2005H  
Tempests Rowdy Dowdy Bruno02.10.2011R  
Tempests Should I Stay Or Should I Go18.06.2010R  
Tempests Sidney24.06.2004H  
Tempests Splice The Mainbrace Mr. Smee05.06.2010R  
Tempests The Colt29.05.2007R  
Tempests The Doctor Is In at Pouch Cove02.10.2011R  
Tempests The Gray Ghost22.01.2010R  
Tempests The Sky´s The Limit10.07.2009R  
Tempests The Taun-Taun Bernoulli02.10.2011R  
Tempests Tobias14.03.2006R  
Tempests Toes The Line01.05.2005H  
Tempests Tough Act To Follow20.03.2006H  
Tempests Treasure In Dreampool02.10.2011H  
Tempests Trident01.05.2005R  
Tempests Tucker13.07.2009R  
Tempests Uptown Girl02.12.2008H  
Tempests Ursa Major01.05.2005R  
Tempests Warrior of The Sea08.10.2013R  
Tempests What Are The Odds08.10.2013H  
Tempests What Are You Waiting For18.06.2010H  
Tempests What Goes Around Comes Around13.11.2012R  
Tempests What Was I Thinking05.06.2010H  
Tempests Whirls Away at Rosewood13.07.2009H  
Tempests Willow of Kilyka14.03.2006H  

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