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Zwinger Zaghini (I)

50 Hunde dieses Zwingers in unserer Datenbank
Beauty Is A Witch21.03.2006H  
Butterfly Gilded21.03.2006H  
Buy Me Love21.03.2006H  
Castigos Cause My Soul22.10.2006R  
Comfort As Magic Sleep22.10.2006R  
Constant Bomber Strikes 2122.10.2006R  
Cupid Serena22.10.2006H  
Cute Dragoness Shapira22.10.2006H  
Dancing With Dotty19.12.2006H  
Dandy Doodle Stands Tiptoe19.12.2006R  
Daring Bomber Seeking Glory19.12.2006R  
Desire Drives My Star19.12.2006H  
Ecstasy Is Wallis Simpsons Blue18.01.2008H  
Expecting Ironside The Brave18.01.2008R  
Faciful Half Socks Girl20.01.2008H  
Fairy Heidi Smiles20.01.2008H  
Fear No More The Heat of The Sun20.01.2008H  
Fiercest Lilly Grows20.01.2008H  
Flower On Mossy Ground20.01.2008H  
Foggy Day13.09.2005R  
Fortimbras Shall Proceed20.01.2008R  
Fortune Is Not Times Fool20.01.2008H  
Gallerani Cecilia In Da Vincis Portrait25.01.2008H  
Glamis Thou Art And Cawdor25.01.2008H  
Glamour Is Tiffanys Essence25.01.2008H  
Gwen On The Lake Shore25.01.2008H  
Holly Hunter Playing The Piano07.08.2008H  
I Am That I Am10.08.2008R  
Icarus Nothing Like The Sun10.08.2008R  
Ice Hot She´s A Twister10.08.2008H  
Imagination Proove True10.08.2008R  
Increases In Three Pounds A Year10.08.2008H  
Iris Red As A Red Rose10.08.2008H  
Isaac Newton And The Apple of His Eye10.08.2008R  
Isle Full of Bountiful Noises10.08.2008R  
Italy Begot Me England Grew Me10.08.2008R  
Ivy Twirls Round The Garden10.08.2008H  
Jack Falstaff18.08.2008R  
Jane As Ever Sweet Jane18.08.2008H  
Jeans Beat Jeans18.08.2008H  
Jewel Out In This World18.08.2008H  
Joan Comes In Beauty Like The Night18.08.2008H  
Juliet Is The Sun18.08.2008H  
Little Tenderness Kickapoo13.09.2005H  
Vhoney On A Bears Nose07.08.2008H  

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