Ausstellung Förde Naustdal (N) 12.10.2019

Little Bears Giulio Cesare

Katalognr: 52
Bewertung: V1
Klasse: Offene
Richter: Dusko Jovanovic (SRB)
Anwartschaft: CK, CERT, 2.BHK
Bericht: Perfect dog Perfect prop.very typ. for breed impresive head eksl. muzzle dark nose and eyes. Perfect set ears. eksl. topline and bottom line eksl. chest forechest. Perfect pos. angl in front and back legs Perfect movent perfec presentation.

Ohois Vision of Vegas

Katalognr: 53
Bewertung: V1
Klasse: Champion
Richter: Dusko Jovanovic (SRB)
Anwartschaft: CK, 1.BHK, BOS
Bericht: very impresive strong dog very typical head. dark nose dark eyes. strong muzzle well set ears ekslnt ears Perfect top and bottom line eksl. f. chest. Perfect pos. angl. front and legs eksl. set tail. eksl. movement. eksl. present.

Ohois Whatever Floats Your Boat

Katalognr: 54
Bewertung: V1
Klasse: Zwischen
Richter: Dusko Jovanovic (SRB)
Anwartschaft: CK, 1.BTK, BOB
Bericht: a very impresive female impresive temp. eksl. prop. eksl. typ. head dark pigmetn dark eyes wellset ears and neck. Perfect topline perfekt bottom line eksl. chest pref. anglu and prop in front and rear legs.