Ausstellung Kassel Nationale (D) 09.12.2017

Davidoff von der Oberpfälzer Bärenbande

Katalognr: 738
Bewertung: V1
Klasse: Zwischen
Richter: Maria Kavcic (SLO)
Anwartschaft: VDH-Ch-A, CAC
Bericht: 20 month, exc. size, corr. Stop, good muzzle, good condition, loose lips, small ears, deep set medium brown eyes, exc. body proportions, long tail, exc. side movement, a bit loose coming and going, exc. coat, nice temperament.

Take Me To Your Heart Tender Ebony

Katalognr: 739
Bewertung: V1
Klasse: Offene
Richter: Maria Kavcic (SLO)
Anwartschaft: VDH-Ch-A, CAC, BOB
Bericht: 2 years old, exc. type, well shaped style, exc. stop, broad muzzle, deep set clear eyes, good ears, exc. condition, loose lips, exc. deep chest, exc. topline, long tail, strong bones, big feet, exc. side movement, corr. coat, good temperament.